What makes money? What doesn't?

You'll hear a lot about "Income Producing Activities" (IPA) at doTERRA. i.e. What's the shit to do that will make you money? And what is just fart-arsing around?

Here's a good list from doTERRA:

Income Producing Activities:

  1. Made a list of people with known health concerns in her area. Reviewed the dōTERRA compensation plan flyer.
  2. Met with each person, strengthened her relationship of trust with them, expressed concern and invited them to try dōTERRA products. Studied product uses for an hour a day.
  3. Followed Up as previously planned, sold product, and then followed up again with those who were not quite ready to buy and told them about the savings to be had with LRP.
  4. In the process, she found some who were interested in an earning opportunity, and the flexibility that dōTERRA could provide. She had these people talk with her sponsor about it.
  5. Followed up, sponsored her first Wellness Advocate and scheduled a time for an orientation.
  6. Followed up with other product customers, “cold” and “warm” prospects, and created her own home a dōTERRA Makeover with all the “makeover” suggestions using dōTERRA products.
  7. Read about a 10% off promotion on doterraeveryday.com.au and contacted 15 of her “warm” prospects to tell them about it. Sold 12 bottles.

Non-Income Producing Activities

  1. Spent hours designing colourful, attractive business cards.
  2. Organised her home office in just three days, and researched motivational quotes to have made into stickers for her walls.
  3. Went shopping for new clothes to wear for when she “would be making the big bucks” or for times when she really needed to make a good impression.
  4. Bought a CD-ROM list of “healthcare minded people” from a list vendor who promised results, and spent four hours in figuring out how to create an e-mail newsletter blast.
  5. Spent four hours designing the most pretty e-mail newsletter that had ever been created, and then worked through all the technical glitches with getting it sent.
  6. Started refining her list of contacts, and dividing her list into zip codes across the country that are typically known as “health minded.” Bought an expensive mass-mailer that was promised to reach every health minded home.
  7. Waited for people to call in to order product after each mass communication went out. Told her sponsor “I’ve been working so hard but get no results.”