Starting Out With Building in DoTerra

Biz Building 101 Class (from Em!)

More Notes...

Getting Started:

First Month:

If you're committed to reaching 6 figures in a year, here's what you need to do:

  • 3 x classes of your own
  • 3 x classes of other people (ask people to host for you with their own friends)
  • Ask Osteo/Chiro/birth clinics etc to host free workshop. Give them free diffuser and oil if they advertise/hold a class for you.
  • Get as many business builders on at the start as you can.
  • Bring on a business builder every single month
  • Participate in the Team Unicorn Biz Builders forum.
  • Attend weekly calls.

Who you want as business builders:

  • Natural leaders and who people want to come to
  • Those with a financial need

Where to place your business builders

  • Ask your upline to help you screen front line business builders
  • Talk to your upline about where to place people in your tree

Your continuing journey...

My lovely mate Tara Bliss (who hit Blue Diamond in 2 years!) wrote this wonderful goodness:

'Change Agent' - as described by the ever trustworthy Urban Dictionary:

"Describes someone or something that brings about, or helps to bring about, change. Can also be referred to as a 'Catalyst.'"

And that's exactly what each of us is -- an agent of change.

We were brought to one another because we each value: spiritual depth, physical wellness, connection with humanity and the planet... and financial abundance. We're here to make a difference, and so are you, and we're so grateful you're here.

For the most part, this is a business building and personal development mastermind, however, all are welcome, whether you're LIVING an essential oil lifestyle, or have your sights set on a 6 or 7 figure game-changing income. Everyone is welcomed with wide, open arms. Included in this group is a sharing of resources, celebratory end of month posts, links to free coaching and mentoring, and much more.

To hit the rank of DIAMOND within 2 years (a multiple 6-figure business) and impact a hell of a lot of people's lives in the process (the REAL reason we're here, right?!), here's are your guidelines:

2 x 2 x 2 x 1

- 2 contacts a day.

Write a list of 100-200 people down that you know. After you've written your 100-200 names list, reach out to at least two people day with genuine connection, share your story, and ask: 'Are you open to learning more about essential oils?' If they are, ask if they'd like to host a gathering for you, so you can teach their friends! If they live out of town, chat to them 1:1 to them on the phone. If you have an online platform, consider a webinar.

- 2 x follow-ups per day

You can follow up to: a) People who came to a class but haven't enrolled yet, b) People you sent samples to and it's time to invite them to a class or 1:1 (this can be over phone or skype, too), c) People who have expressed interest in learning more but they haven't RSVPed to you just yet, d) Someone who previously said no and it's been some time.

- 2 x workshops per week

This can include 2 x intro classes - OR - 1 x intro class + 1 x follow up class - OR - 1 x class and a couple of 1:1's

- Attend OR present 1 x team training per month.

Often there are trainings happening in all major areas regularly, even if they're not hosted by anyone on this team, doTERRA is a huge tree of cross-line connection and we support people from all teams!

All of this will ensure that you're welcoming at LEAST 6+ people per month into your business, into this team, into the beautiful world of essential oils.

HINT: I recently listened to a podcast from a couple who have been in network marketing for 10 years. They are multi-millionaires and on average enrolled just FOUR people per month! Their secret? They taught their team members how to get out there and enroll 4 people per month, too. That's the secret to this beautiful model. <3

We all move at different speeds. Some of you are new mamas, or you have full time jobs. Move at a pace that is nourishing, but also stretches you a little bit to ensure that you grow. Please - NO comparison. We're all here to run our own race, alongside one another. We're here to support you no matter how much time you can offer your doTERRA journey.

It's also important to:

  • Send weekly written check in to your up-line sponsor or enroller
  • Attending weekly team calls
  • Spend 30 minutes a day on personal development (reading, podcasting, etc)
  • Developing leadership skills to create an abundant and financially free team (reading, mentoring)


Attend the regular Team Unicorn calls, and check in with your sponsor/enroller on any other team calls that are available to you.


The person who introduced you to this group is going to nurture you, but soon you will be introduced to your teammates, and you're welcome to pop in here with ANY questions whatsoever.

There are many ways we support each other in this team.

From teaching leadership skills, encouraging personal growth, a monthly book club, meditations, webinars, weekly team calls — we're a holistic, whole and integrated group of light-workers who value thriving on ALL levels. Rest assured, this is NOT about selling oils, it’s about educating people on their options with natural solutions AND growing ourselves as people in the process :)