How To Move Enrolments In Your Tree

This is the How To Tech Instructions for how to move enrolments.

If you want to find out WHERE + WHY to move people... start here!

1. Login to your Virtual Office

2. Click on TEAM tab

3. Click on Graphical Tree

4. Decide where on your tree you want your new enrollee to be moved to.

Think about what leg they should be in, and what person they should be under.

Take note of the name you want them under.

5. Click back to TEAM main tab.

6. Click "Detailed Genealogy"

7. Copy Member ID for the person you want them to be moved under in your tree.

8. Click back on TEAM tab.


10. Click CHANGE SPONSOR PLACEMENT for the new enrollee you want to move.

11. Add the number of the person you want to move them under in the box.

12. Click VERIFY and make sure the right name has appeared. WARNING: You can only move ONCE... so make sure you move them in the right place!

13. Click CONFIRM.

14. Click FINALISE.

Please Note: The Graphical Tree will take a few hours to update with the new structure!