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See! Swim! Success!

Swimfo Graphics - makes swimming lessons easy and fun

  • individually based swimming lessons.
  • Challenges children and teacher.

Why Swimfo Graphics?

  • Easier to teach individually and differentiate between children.
  • More exercise and higher results in the swimming lessons.
  • Suitable for teaching children who learn quicker through pictures (ADHD/ autism)
  • Fast and efficient organisation of certificate swimming.
  • It reduces the workload of the teacher.
  • Teacher becomes a coach.
  • Especially for children with Autism.

What are Swimfo Graphics?

  • Swimfo Graphics are picto’s that are used for swimming lessons.
  • Swimfo Graphics are used for instruction and feedback.
  • Swimfo Graphics will sustain all the condition in a swimming pool.

For questions and orders: leone@leonehamaker.nl