LEO Newsletter

Spring 2019

A Message from the CEO

As we reach the end of another busy term, I hope you will join me, in taking pride at the huge range of achievements celebrated in this edition of our termly newsletter.

Our LEO vision & values can be seen in action across the entire Trust, as we all work towards delivering our strategic aims & objectives in 2019. In particular, many of you have been part of our trust wide reviews of Inclusion, Leadership and Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning this term. These important areas will shape the way in which we all work and the children learn in the years ahead; I look forward to sharing the outcomes with you all later this year. Our Digital Strategy continues to develop and we will be looking to technology to secure further improvements, both in and out of the classroom, as we move through 2019 and beyond. The opportunities you provide for our pupils are a central part of this term's newsletter; it will be exciting to see our new LEO Pupil Parliament, LEO KS1 & KS2 Passports to Success and our innovative LEO Junior Citizenship Programme for Year 6 pupils added to the list next term! Another exciting development this Summer, will see the launch of weekly lessons in Mandarin for Year 4 pupils, linked live to a teacher in Beijing via Skype and the opportunity for these pupils to visit China in Autumn 2020. Watch this space! As part of a 'Connecting Classrooms' project, we will welcome pupils from a school in Shanghai to Brookfield Primary this May. In Autumn 2019, we are looking forward to a range of exciting new professional development events for staff. These will include: a LEO Teach Meet, a LEO Leadership Conference and a LEO EXPO to showcase the distinctiveness of the curriculum each of our academies have designed and follow.

Congratulations to the governors, staff and pupils at Cheam Fields Primary Academy on a highly successful Ofsted inspection outcome this term. We are all very proud that Cheam Fields continues to be a Good school, where pupils achieve highly & have enthusiasm for learning and where staff are valued & develop their careers. If you haven't done so already, do have a read of the full letter from Ofsted, which was published in March. We received further good news this term with the arrival of a letter to Cheam Common Junior from Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education, congratulating the school for being in the top 3% of all schools nationally for the progress made by pupils between KS1 and KS2. Well done!

Phillip Hedger



This term we welcome Susan Jackson, Paul Brione and Ray Donovan as Members and Athar Khan as a Trustee to the LEO Academy Trust Board.


The Local Governing Boards and LEO Trustees have been taking part in lots of training this year. They have attended sessions on:

  • Raising Attainment of Disadvantaged Children;
  • Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning;
  • Governance and Ofsted;
  • Accountability, Oversight and Assurance for Educational Performance of Your School;
  • Understanding the Curriculum.

Vision and Aims

Our Trust Board Chair has shared the vision & values of our MAT with members of ⁦‪Sutton United Business‬⁩ Club. We are proud to be creating opportunities for our pupils, by working with our local community as a ⁦‪Sutton United‬⁩ Community Champion. If you’re at Sutton United, make sure you check out our new board!


Preparing Our Children for Success in the Digital World

Computing Leaders across the Trust have been busy working together, discussing how children can further enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding in this area. The LEO Computing Network Learning Community has discussed provision in each school and how we can all work together to support each other and ensure that children receive the best quality Computing experiences. Currently, we're in the process of producing a Trust wide approach to the teaching of Computing, ready for schools to implement for September 2019.

A huge thanks to Bradley Dardis and Laura Smith from LGfL who have supported various schools with mapping their curriculum against the (free!) LGfL resources. These are absolutely fantastic resources which can really enhance teaching and learning.

World Book Day

Thursday 7th March 2019 was World Book Day. This year, schools across the LEO Academy Trust came together with the shared theme, ‘Take One Book…’ where pupils spent the day exploring a single text and expressing their understanding of ideas, themes and characters in a cross curricular way. Pupils and staff came to school dressed as their favourite book characters; some pupils even brought to school a copy of their favourite story to share with their class.

Across the trust, pupils took part in a writing competition based on their chosen World Book Day text. Lucky winners from each year group received a £5 book token to spend on a book of their choice.

Year 1 Dance Workshop

On Thursday 10th January, the Year 1 children at Manor Park took part in a dance workshop during their topic ‘Rio’. They had lots of fun learning different carnival dance moves and put these moves together to create a routine. At the end of the day, all of the children came together to show each other their dances and even had a chance to wear different masks and feather boas to complete their carnival look!

Career Aspirations Week

LEO Academy Trust’s first ‘Career Aspirations’ Week’ was hugely successful and was introduced at Brookfield Primary Academy, with a view to inspire all of our pupils that they can aspire to any career path.

At Brookfield, we had over 50 different career visitors visit our pupils such as: a Professional Gamer, a Veterinarian, Head of Production at Polka Theatre, Paul Scully our local MP, a Performing Arts Company, a Midwife, a Structural Engineering team, Eurostar, a Firefighter and many, many more.

The week was a huge success; our pupils have now a vast understanding of an array of professions available to them and are motivated to reach these career paths.

Gymnastics in Year 2

Throughout the Spring Term, the children in Year 2 at Manor Park have been looking at creating different shapes, balances and travels to create short sequences in gymnastics. The children began exploring the shapes on the floor with partners, finding new creative shapes to make with their body. Once the children had mastered their shapes, they were very excited to move onto a range of low apparatus. They were able to transfer their short sequences to the low apparatus, including benches, ropes and trestles. They focused on ensuring they bent their knees to jump and landed safely creating a finish position.

Science Day at Cheam Park Farm - reported by Eshal

On Thursday 14th March, Cheam Park Farm Primary had our annual Science Day. It was a very exciting day as we love learning about Science and doing lots of fun Science activities. In the morning, we had an assembly workshop by a Science company called Mother Nature. It was really fun and the lady organising it did lots of immense experiments. We learnt all about reactions, what happens when you mix two or mire things together. One example is when we mixed baking soda and vinegar and it created lots of carbon dioxide which built up in a test tube and then blew a cork across the hall!

After that, we went back to class and it was our turn to turn into Scientists. We had all researched a Science experiment for our Home Learning the week before and we presented what we had learnt in front of the class. Some people did the actual experiment which was really fun to see, some people read out their Science write ups and others presented their work on a PowerPoint slideshow. We saw exploding coke bottles and volcanoes, balloons that wouldn't pop on sharp pins, oranges and potatoes that made clocks work and so much more, The experiments were all really cool - I wish we could do them every day!

In the afternoon it was the teachers turn to be Scientists and they showed us a range of awesome experiments. We went to different teachers classrooms to learn different things but I wish we had had more time to see more teachers experiments! Some of the teacher experiments were: using Oreo cookies to learn about phases of the moon (Yum Yum!); seeing what happens when you organise Skittles into a pattern and add water; creating lava lamps using oil, water and food colouring and making bridges out of spaghetti!

Science day was unique and the best day in school! All the children loved it so much and we can't wait for next year!

Year 5 Easter Experience

Year 5 children at Manor Park went on a trip to Sutton Trinity Church to take part in an Easter Experience; this was linked to their Christianity learning in RE. During the visit, scenes from the Easter story were acted out by volunteers, bringing the story to life through drama. The children were able to watch different scenes about the Easter story, starting from Palm Sunday through to the resurrection of Jesus. The children took part in the production by waving palm leaves to welcome Jesus to Jerusalem and some children even had the chance to speak some lines.

International Day of Happiness

On Wednesday 27th March Cheam Common Infants' Academy celebrated International Day of Happiness where we explored the concept of happiness with the children and asked them what happiness meant to them. We looked at the choices we make in our everyday lives through celebrating our differences.

During the week beginning the 18th March, children had the opportunity to participate in various well-being activities including mindfulness colouring, active learning and relaxation.

Our Trip to the Science Museum by Lily at Cheam Fields (Year 4)

On Wednesday 27th February, we went on a trip to the Science Museum. We had the best time ever!

We went on a bus to the train station and then we got on a train to the Science Museum in London. We saw lots of steam train engines that James Watt had built. We also saw lots of rockets and found out how engines work. There was a huge ball that showed all of the planets and information about the amazing planets. After that, we had our yummy lunch.

With excitement, we went to the Wonderlab. In the Wonderlab we explored many different things including a smoke cloud which we could play with. We went to see an explosion show, where a scientist created explosions. This was very loud! Then we saw a lightning bolt which was amazing to see.

After all of that we went home the same way we came.

Residential Trip to Juniper Hall

The Year 4 children at Manor Park had a fantastic time on their first school residential trip to Juniper Hall and took part in a wide range of activities.

The children went pond dipping and used a key to identify the invertebrate they found using criteria such as the amount of legs or type of body. They managed to find invertebrates such as water shrimp, water slaters and dragonfly larvae. Once collected, the children then investigated these creatures under the microscope and sketched their observations.

The children also had to hike up part of Box Hill, and once at the end of their walk, they had a go at building a shelter that would keep them dry and safe if a storm came. Working together, they had to decide the most effective way to create a structure strong enough to keep them sheltered. The shelters were then tested to see if they would survive the wet weather.

In the evening, all of the children came together to sit round the campfire. They listened to stories and sang songs before enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate before bed!

Before the campfire, the children set and buried their own small mammal traps in a hidden place. The next morning, after making their own lunches, the children checked the boxes to see if any mice or small mammals had wandered in during the night. The children got to see a field mouse up close before it was released back into the woods.

During the visit, the children developed their teamwork and communication skills whilst taking part in engaging learning activities outside of the classroom.

Year 4 Hinduism Workshop

The Year 4 children at Manor Park took part in a Hinduism workshop on the 17th January 2019. The children were taught about significant people in the Hindu Religion and some got the chance to dress up like Hindu Gods. The children learnt how to dress in a sari and a turban. All of the children enjoyed this experience and it was great to see the link between classroom based learning and the workshop.

Year 3 Drumming Assembly

Last Friday, the children in Year 3 at Cheam Fields showed off their drumming skills. They invited parents to come and watch them perform a Samba. After the performance the parents left the cold and windy playground to have refreshments in the hall. Once everyone was seated, we explained how we acquired our drumming skills and then asked the parents to join in with the rhythms and call and responses. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr O'Niell, our drumming teacher, for all his hard work.

Learning French at Cheam Fields

This week the children in Years 3, 4 and 5 invited their parents to see how much they have learnt in their French lessons with our Lingotot teacher, Mrs Sarah Lester. The children sang songs and paired up with their adults to teach them the names of the parts of the face by playing 'Simon Says'. They completed the afternoon by singing the Goodbye Song.

Thank you to all the parent who were able to join us this week and thank you to Mrs Lester, it's amazing how much the children have learnt in such a short time.

Brooklands Museum

In February, Year 2 at Cheam Common Infants' Academy visited Brooklands museum and experienced a brilliant hands on day of learning to launch their new topic ‘Journeys through the air’ Children were inspired by what they learnt during their visit and have since completed some fantastic history work this half-term.

Badger Class Visit Pizza Express

On Wednesday 20th March, the children in Badger class at Cheam Fields went on a trip to Pizza Express. They learned about the history of the pizza and that the margherita is the queen of all pizzas. The children then had the opportunity to prepare their own pizza. They pushed the dough at the edges to made the crust on the pizzas and then all got their bear claw hands out to make tiny holes in the base of the pizzas to help them to cook. Then they spread the tomato sauce, sprinkled on the cubes of cheese and put then in the oven to cook. They smelled delicious!

Science Investigations

During Science week, Year 2 at Cheam Common Infants' Academy held a science investigation day where the children participated in different activities throughout the day. Children explored what made a good bubble mixture, how to make the most effective parachute, what shapes have the least water resistance and children mixed their own potions.

Reptile Road Show

At the end of their topic ‘Why Don’t Snakes Have Legs?’ the Reception classes at Manor Park had a special visit from the Reptile Roadshow! The children had an amazing time learning about real life reptiles such as Snakes, Turtles and even Dragon lizards! They were even able to hold them if they wished and learnt some incredible new facts about each reptile!

LEO Year 4 Times Tables Tournament

On 26th March, Year 4 pupils from across LEO Academy Trust were warmly welcomed to Cheam Fields this week to take part in the 2nd LEO Year 4 Times Tables Tournament. Each school sent 2 teams of 4 pupils. Cheam Park Farm, handed over the trophy from last year as the room fell silent - who would the winner be this year?

The tournament consisted of 3 rounds, each involving different skills linked to multiplication and division. The teams had to work independently, in pairs and as a whole group to solve a range of problems.

  • Round 1 - Multiplication and division fluency (independent)
  • Round 2 - Multiples and factors(group and paired)
  • Round 3 - Problem solving (group)

It was a nail biting event with only a few points separating the winners from the rest of the teams. Congratulations to Cheam Common Juniors, whose teams both came joint first! In second place was Manor Park (team 2) and in third place was Cheam Park Farm (team 2).

All the children worked extremely hard and showed great collaboration and perseverance. They even enjoyed a delicious biscuit during break time provided by LEO Catering! We look forward to next year. Who will be the next school to take home the coveted trophy?


LEO Goes Digital!

Since December 2017, the Trust has continued to support schools with Digital Transformation, helping to further enhance the quality of teaching and learning, improve pupil outcomes and provide greater opportunities for every child in every school. School Finance and Administration staff have persevered with our new financial operations system, SIMS Finance. Working together as a team and supporting each other, our financial systems now fully sit within the cloud. Many teachers have begun to adopt Google Slides as their core teaching tool, recognising the flexibility and new features that this tool provides.

Finally, a huge congratulations to all of the staff and pupils at Cheam Common Junior Academy for being shortlisted for an LGfL Digital Excellence Award. This is a huge achievement and the best of luck to them when the results are announced on 25th April 2019 at the LGfL Annual Conference. It would be great to see more schools applying for one of these awards next year, please contact Graham Macaulay for details on the process.

Challenge Partners

Congratulations to the schools for their excellent Challenge Partners Reviews this term. Cheam Common Junior, Cheam Fields and Cheam Park Farm all received outstanding reviews.

Senior Leaders visited Lancot_Academy to explore curriculum design and see their fantastic WOW Events. This was a good opportunity to see great practice happening across the Network of Excellence. Our Cheam Hub gained invaluable support for our curriculum development journey. They met with the Lancot Academy Pupil Leadership Team who were able to confidently share their achievements with a large group of visitors. It was inspirational to see children passionately sharing the benefits of a class bank account & their understanding of logic & planning, profit & loss and much more!

INSET Day on 25th February

On the INSET Day after half term, seventy of our KS1 and KS2 teachers from across the Trust attended training with Chris Quigley to explore and support the design of a depth driven curriculum. They explored some key questions:

  • How can we design our curriculum for depth not coverage?
  • What sort of questions should teachers ask?
  • What does pupils work look like?

Thank you to Chris Quigley, we have lots to reflect on after another excellent day of staff development .

Invention and creativity through play

The Early Years teachers from across the Trust enjoyed a day of staff development at Cheam Fields. They explored the power of ‘loose parts’ and how to use them with children in Nursery & Reception. They are now looking forward to opening a world of limitless possibilities for our youngest learners through a renewed focus on ‘loose parts’ this term.

Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2019 for NHS History in the Making

We are delighted to hear that Myrina from Cheam Common Junior Academy has won a prize in the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2019 for NHS History in the Making. The winning entries will be shown at City Hall from 1 May 2019 for 6 – 8 weeks. Myrina and her family have been invited to the awards ceremony at City Hall on Thursday 2 May.

Winners will receive a prize of art materials, courtesy of Cass Art Supplies. These will be presented by competition judge and international artist Gillian Wearing and Justine Simons, Deputy Mayor for Culture.

Myrina's Model

View all 2019 entries here.

Active School Hero Nominations

Congratulations to Mr Warner, Cheam Common Junior Academy PE teacher and Miss Bartlett, Cheam Fields PE teacher, who have both been nominated for an Active School Hero Award. Good luck ahead of next term's London Awards Ceremony.

Top of the Form

Congratulations to all the children across the Trust who took part in this year's Top of the Form competition. This is an annual event ran by Carshalton Beeches Rotary club. Despite some of the questions being exceptionally difficult, all children tried their best and were a credit to their schools.

Menus for Summer Term

Please have a look at the new LEO Catering Summer Term menu which is available across most of the schools in the Trust. Our LEO Catering team provide nutritional meals cooked from fresh ingredients and offer gluten free and lactose free options. Don't forget that all staff can have a school meal at the bargain price of £1.50 per meal - cheaper than a meal deal!


LEO Choirs

The LEO Academy Trust took part in the Young Voices Concert at the O2 again this year. This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to perform as part of a massed choir totalling 7,776 pupils! The concert was wonderful and the children (and adults) all enjoyed being part of Tony Hadley's, rather large, backing group!

The pupils in our school choirs are now practising ready for the LEO Schools Music Concert where pupils from across the Trust will join together to showcase their musical talents. This will take place during the Summer Term and will include orchestra and choir performances. If last year is anything to go by, we are in for a treat!

WE Day

On 6th March the Right Respecting Champions from Cheam Common Juniors and Cheam Park Farm, along with twelve thousand other young people from across the UK, had a day to remember. They had the incredible opportunity to hear from HRH Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, during the WE Day at Wembley Arena.. They are proud to be part of the WE Movement; a global initiative encouraging young people to take part in positive social change. The children received powerful messages:

  • WE overcome
  • WE stand up
  • WE nurture
  • WE are united.
  • Amazing things happen, when WE work together!
  • We all have a responsibility to create an equal future for all.

The children felt inspired to make a difference and bring about social change in both our local and global community through the power of WE Day.

Reading Zone Live

On Wednesday 13th February, Cheam Common Junior Academy hosted the LGfL Reading Zone Live event. They welcomed author Karen McCombie who answered questions in front of some of the Year 6 children. This was videoed and streamed to schools across the country who were able to see Karen at Cheam Common Juniors with the children and sh answered some of their questions via a video conference call.

Best-selling author Karen McCombie was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her latest book is Little Bird Flies for ages 10+ featured on Sunday Times Children's book of the week.

Forest Schools

Children across the Trust have continued to enjoy taking part in Forest Schools. They have planted a variety of produce and are now eagerly waiting to see them grow! Thank you to Mrs Haddock and Mrs Joseph for all their hard work and enthusiasm with Forest Schools.

Primary Headteachers from Crawley Visit LEO Academy Trust

This term we enjoyed welcoming ten primary headteachers from Crawley to the Trust. They were exploring teaching, learning and leadership across the Trust and how our schools benefit from being part of Challenge Partners. Our visitors then visited three our our schools, where Year 6 children gave guided tours.

Rocksteady Concert

At Cheam Common Infants' Academy, the children were busy working hard during their rehearsals in preparation to perform at the end of Spring term Rocksteady concert. The children played in ten bands, each band involved pupils from across the age range.

Vehicle Making Day

Children in Year 2 at CCIA had the opportunity to participate in vehicle making day where they designed a vehicle of their choice and then made this with moving parts. The children were very proud of their creations and evaluated their designs carefully.

David Mason visits Manor Park

On Tuesday 18th March - Thursday 21st March 2019, we were very lucky to welcome back author David Mason. All the children had the opportunity to meet David and listen to entertaining extracts from some of his stories and poems during an assembly.

Years 2, 3, 5 & 6 also took part in an inspiring creative writing workshop, led by David, which included multi-sensory experiences to develop imagination; talk for writing to develop ideas; and independent writing where pupils really showed off their writing skills!

David has made me more confident with my writing – he made a huge difference. I didn’t realise how powerful drama could be to help with my writing. Laird (Year 6)

Sutton Music Hub Awards

We are very pleased that all of our schools have received a Sutton Music Education Plan award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level this term. Well done everyone! We are proud of the impact our partnership with the Sutton Music Hub continues to have on our pupils' progress in music.

Basketball at Manor Park

On Monday 11th March 2019, Year 6 pupils travelled to Carshalton Boys Sports College to participate in a basketball festival. The festival gave them the opportunity to train with some Sports Leaders and learn some new skills before an upcoming competition. The children completed a skills circuit and then had some friendly 3v3 games. They showed excellent team work, communication and sportsmanship and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

On Wednesday 20th March 2019, Year 6 pupils travelled to Overton Grange High School to participate in a 3v3 basketball competition. After losing our first two games, we found our confidence and technique to win the following three games, scoring many baskets in the process. We showed excellent team work, sportsmanship, determination and resilience and came fourth on our side of the draw. All of the children should be extremely proud of their accomplishment and everyone had a fabulous afternoon.

Author Virginia Clay Visits Cheam Fields

On Friday 22nd March the author Virginia Clay visited Cheam Fields to talk with the children about her debut book 'Warrior Boy'. The children very much enjoyed her visit and are now feeling inspired to write their own stories.

Sporting Events

The children across the trust have had lots of opportunities to attend or participate in a vast array of sporting events this term including Football, Handball, Korfball, New Age Kurling, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Sitting Volleyball

Thank you to all the staff who have been involved with organising these events the children have really benefited from taking part in these opportunities.

Here are some of the highlights of the term:

  • Congratulations to Cheam Common Juniors, who have become the first ever Sutton school to reach the English Schools' FA U11 Boys’ National Footall Final since the tournament started in 1978/79 !
  • It was great to see two or our schools, Cheam Park Farm and Cheam Common Junior, competing in the Year 5 Football Cup Final. Well done to Cheam Park Farm who took the title.
  • Cheam Common Junior Year 6 Football Team won the Sutton and Cheam Gilbert League.
  • Cheam Common Junior enjoyed a visit to Chelsea Football Club Foundation.
  • Cheam Fields girls' football team, The Pink Pearls, enjoyed an afternoon out taking part in a Sutton United game as mascots and ball girls.
  • Brookfield, Cheam Common Junior, Cheam Park Farm and the current National Champions Cheam Fields have all signed up for this year’s Sutton & Cheam Korfball Championships. Our academies have received brilliant support from the fantastic @nomadskorf in 2019.
  • Children competed in the London Youth Games in March, representing Sutton in a range of different sports.

Recruitment Fairs

During January and February, LEO Academy Trust took part in recruitment fairs at Kingston University, University of Roehampton and Belleville Teaching School. We are currently recruiting class teachers to work across the Trust for September 2019, We are always looking for good staff, so if you know anyone who would be interested in joining us for September, we would love to hear from them. They can register their interest at:



The LGfL Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference was a great opportunity for staff development. There were fantastic sessions offering valuable advice and reflections including 'let's unleash our inner superhero to support children's mental health and wellbeing'.

LEO Foundation

This term sees the launch of the LEO Foundation, created to raise extra funds for projects across the Trust. Its aim is to to help our academies secure the ability to deliver a rich, creative and enjoyable school experience for all children. Learning, Excellence and Opportunity are at the heart of our Trust, embedded through our shared mission, values and aims; the LEO Foundation will help raise additional funds to help us support this.

The LEO Foundation aims to develop a local network of residents and academies alumni who might be willing to support our academies and will develop long term relationships with businesses both locally and nationally to seek donations and sponsorship.

We are currently looking for a few volunteers to join the committee that ideally will be made up of trustees, governors, staff and parents from across the trust. We would also welcome any introductions to businesses that may wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities. For more details, please email: foundation@leoacademytrust.co.uk

The first funding activity to take place is the launch of the LEO Lottery ...

The LEO Lottery is a fun and effective way to raise money to improve our Trust. But we need your help to make the lottery the best it can be, so please support the lottery today - and who knows maybe you'll be the next £25,000 winner!

A ticket costs just £1 per week (£4.34 per month) and all funds raised go directly to our Trust. Each ticket will be entered in TWO draws:

  1. A jackpot prize draw for £25,000.00.
  2. A local draw with a guaranteed prize for one of the supporters of our Trust. The size of the prize will depend on the number of tickets bought for the Trust that week.

Tickets can be purchase by anyone over age 16 including parents, staff, family members, friends and work colleagues so please help us promote this new initiative by sharing this with family and friends. The more tickets we sell, the bigger the prize pot!

Click HERE to buy your tickets today

Sign up before 20th April to also have the chance of winning a £50 restaurant voucher. Terms and conditions apply - see website

You can make a BIG DIFFERENCE to our trust!

Coming next term

Mandarin Lessons

After half term our academies will be offering the opportunity for two groups of children in Year 4 to learn Mandarin through innovative extra curricular clubs. The lessons will be taught by a teacher from China, via a live web link to the school classroom. Children learning Mandarin will have the opportunity when they reach Year 6 to visit China and put their new language skill into action. Yet another amazing opportunity for our children!

And Finally...

We would like to wish Mrs Riziotis a very happy retirement following her announcement that she will be leaving Cheam Common Infants' Academy at the end of this term. Thank you for your support of the academy and the local community over many years.