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Friday 4th October 2019

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News and information

Over the last two weeks, we've had a very busy period. The children are working hard and enjoying their topics. I held another 'Meet the Principal' session where parents raised questions about home learning, school lunches, Rock Steady and nursery hours. Please read below about home learning and Rock Steady. The school council will be meeting the catering team in Autumn 2 to discuss school lunches. A parent asked if we would consider allowing children to attend the nursery Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday. Unfortunately this is not an option, as it would affect our adult ratios and affect our funding. I have one more 'Meet the Principal' session on 9th October at 9am. Please speak to the office to let them know if you would like to attend. A wonderful training opportunity has arisen so our new members of staff can be trained in Read, Write, Ink which is our major phonics and reading program. This will be on Monday and Tuesday. The trust has supplied us excellent teachers to cover while we are training and they are looking forward to celebrating harvest with the children. Just a reminder that we will not be accepting food donations as we will be receiving money donations for Malawi.


We would like to invite all parents who would like to volunteer to attend a meeting on 16th October at 9am in the community room. If you are an experienced helper and have a relevant DBS check you will be able to start in Autumn 2. If you are a new helper, you will need to complete a DBS check, sign the procedures document, have an interview with myself and provide two character references. You will be assigned a class, it might not be your child's class. We would like to thank you in anticipation of your continuing support.

Home learning

This week we have launched our new home learning in Year 1 and Year 2. The children will receive a piece of home learning every Friday focusing on English or mathematics or a foundation subject. They will also receive weekly spellings. The home learning is due on Wednesdays. Just to advise if the home learning is given in after this time, it will not be marked until the following week.

Parent Consultations

Tuesday 15th October 3.30-6pm (last appointment 5.50)

Wednesday 16th October 3.30-6pm (last appointment 5.50)

Thursday 17th October 3.30-7pm (last appointment 6.45)

Today you will receive a written letter regarding parent consultations. Please make sure you book an appointment by Friday 11th October. All appointments will take place in your child's classroom. You will have an opportunity to look at their work and see their classroom. Appointments will be given on a first come, first served basis.


We all love the children celebrating their birthdays but I’d like to remind you to give out invitations in the playground before and after school rather than asking staff to do it. As we are a ‘Healthy School’ children no longer bring in sweets or cakes to celebrate their birthday at school. This means if you would like to give the children in the class a gift please make it a donation of a book or wet playtime game to celebrate your child’s birthday.


I have noticed that some families are parking across our neighbour's drives or on yellow lines. It is unfair and it is making it dangerous for children to cross the road safely. Please either walk/scoot/ride to school or park a short distance away. Thank you for your support.

MacMillan's Coffee Morning

On Friday 27th September Friend's hosted the 'Macmillan Coffee Morning' in the school hall. The teachers donated cakes and Friends donated refreshments. It was lovely to see families support such an important cause. We raised £110.

Behaviour policy

At Cheam Common Infants’ Academy, we work towards standards of behaviour based on our Golden Rules. We believe that ‘ALL CHILDREN CAN BEHAVE WELL’.

Nursery and Early Years children will be introduced to this policy in stages, when the class teacher feels that their cognitive development has reached the capability of understanding the concept of rewards and sanctions. The wording of their rules differs from the rest of the school but are still closely linked to the school’s golden rules.

Our whole school approach to promoting positive behaviour centres on our motto: ‘Going for the pot of GOLD!’ We say that every day is a new day and so everyone has the chance to get to the pot of gold and hopefully stay there all day!

The ‘Going for the pot of GOLD!’ system is supported by our reward system which includes:

● Verbal and written encouragement, informal and formal

● Stickers promoting learning behaviour

● STAR OF THE DAY (rewarded with a sticker, star cushion and slip to take home) picked from those children who made it to the gold star

● Star of Week certificates

● Weekly achievement certificates

● Informing parents of actions or achievements

● Sharing good work with other members of staff including the Principal and other members of SLT

● Newsletter and tweets

Expectations of the Parents

Parents’ will:

● Make children aware of expected appropriate behaviour in all situations

● Ensure that their child arrives at school on time

● Encourage independence and self-discipline

● Show an interest in all that their child does in school

● Foster good relationships with the school

● Support the school in the implementation of this policy (a summary policy is available)

● Share any difficulties or concerns they have about their own child with the school

● Be aware of the school rules and expectations

● Report any difficulties or concerns they have about any other child to the school rather than dealing with them personally

● Keep personal disagreements with other parents away from the school premises

● Ensure that brothers/sisters refrain from becoming involved in disputes by managing the use of Facebook, text messaging or similar means of communication

● Observe Health and Safety rules in the interests of the safety and well-being of all involved in the school e.g.:

- not smoking on the school site.

- not bringing dogs onto the school site (including school events)

Links with parents:

In all matters of inappropriate behaviour, the school will expect to work in close co-operation with parents. Staff work well with parents/carers and are always ready to discuss issues of difficulty.

These links are established through formal and informal processes such as:

- collection at the end of the school day

- parent/teacher consultation evenings

- telephone conversations/letters

- parents/teacher meetings

Visit the school website to see the full Behaviour policy.

Toy donations

Breakfast club and After school club would welcome any toy donations to replenish their resources. Ideally they would like puzzles, small figurines, baby clothes, dressing up or Lego. If you would like to donate, please drop them into the office.


Mr Ewing

We are very fortunate to have a new Sports Coach this year. Mr Ewing is working with all of the children from Nursery to Year 2. He teaches weekly outdoor PE with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Mr Ewing is also leading clubs and supporting children who need to develop their coordination or confidence. The children have really enjoyed his sessions this term.

Year 1 visitor

Year One have been learning how they can find out about the past and decided that one way was to ask older people questions. They put together a questionnaire about toys and have been interviewing their parents and grandparents and have brought in their responses to share with the class.

Another visitor came to Year One. Mrs Miriam came to show the children a number of different toys which her father had made for her when she was a child. Before she came the children worked together to form a list of questions that they would like to ask her. When she came the children enjoyed asking their questions and finding out about her childhood toys. They were fascinated to see the different games she had and explored how they could make the toys work. They have since written letters to her to say thank you.

Writing in Reception

This week the children have been exploring signs of Autumn in the outdoor classroom by sorting through conkers, acorns and autumnal leaves. We have been reading and retelling the Gruffalo story which has inspired some beautiful artwork and impressive writing. The love for reading and writing is developing well and children are beginning to produce their own books.

NSPCC Sponsored Event

Last week the NSPCC visited our school. Year 1 and Year 2 attended an assembly. In the assembly the NSPCC explained how to keep safe and where to get help if they have any concerns. Today all of the children will take part in an obstacle course. Children are aiming to collect as many sponsors as possible. We are looking forward to see who can collect the most sponsors, not necessarily the most money. All money raised will go to the NSPCC and we are sure that the children will all enjoy the event as well. Your child should have brought home their sponsorship form last week. Please use the NSPCC form to collect your sponsors and return it to school by Friday 11th October. Thank you for your support.


Star of the Week Certificates (Week 3)

Congratulations to the following children who received the Star of the Week Awards:


Rabbits: Melinda

Fawns: Bertie

Ducklings: Melinda


Squirrels: Saumiya

Hedgehogs: Thea

Badgers: Cindy

Foxes: Ida

Year 1

Finches: Aleeza

Wrens: Kyra

Robins: Jasmine

Sparrows: Daisy

Year 2

Eagles: Mason

Kestrels: Dexter

Owls: Ines

Star of the Week Certificates (Week 4)

Congratulations to the following children who received the Star of the Week Awards:


Rabbits: Tom

Fawns: Millie

Ducklings: Sama


Squirrels: George

Hedgehogs: Simeon

Badgers: Ryder

Foxes: Sam

Year 1

Finches: Tillie

Wrens: Teo

Robins: Isla

Sparrows: Violet

Year 2

Eagles: Evelyn

Kestrels: Melani

Owls: Ifunanya

Weekly Attendance (Week 3)

Congratulations to Finches who attended school every day last week.

Weekly Attendance (Week 4)

Congratulations to Finches who attended school every day last week.


Playball Taster sessions in Year 1 and Year 2

The children enjoyed the Playball taster sessions. They enjoyed being active and developing their gross motor skills.


Unfortunately this was cancelled by tennis club. We will find another date soon.

Rock steady

We were delighted to welcome back Rocksteady this term. Rocksteady provides an opportunity for children to learn a musical instrument and perform in a rock style band. Instruments include; electric guitars, keyboards, drums and vocals. As they play in their band the children learn teamwork in a happy supportive environment with their friends and develop resilience as they learn new musical skills.

The lessons are for 30 minutes and take place during the school day. At the end of each term the children enjoy performing to their parents at a live concert which builds up their confidence.

We would like to congratulate Craig Norton our band leader as he has been promoted within the organisation. Mr Finn Fox is taking over from Craig and he has already started to teach the children alongside Craig.

For more details including cost please go to the Rocksteady website at where you can sign your child up for lessons. Reception children can join a band from the beginning of next term.

Dates For Your Diary

Here are the dates for this term. Dates may change and we will notify you as soon as possible if this happens. Please check the dates section regularly as new dates may be added.

8th October Harvest Festival- Year 1 and 2 parents welcome (see separate letter)

15th, 16th and 17th October Parent consultations- more information to follow

17th October Mufti for Christmas school fair- CHANGE OF DATE

21st- 25th October Half Term

28th October Inset Day

29th October Flu vaccinations

1st November Mufti

1st November School disco

7th November Friends Quiz night

15th November Children in Need

29th November Mufti

30th November School Fair

Sutton Parents Carer Forum Workshop

Bonfire menu


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