Gallery at Lenox

student work

To teach inspiration, imagination, and skill to every student artist is a goal.

To endeavor to allow student artists to represent inspiration from no less than the most significant works of art in the world. To be able to harness the same manner of energy and motivation great artists practiced developing the path of history and use that vigor to change the knowledge and meaning of art in every form.


The visual arts have the strength to transform education as a whole. The arts present an essential purpose in ensuring and improving the quality of education and the future in all different learners.

Lenox Memorial High School is committed to invigorating art education, developing innovative artists and creative leaders for the arts or any other profession in the 21st century.

Lenox Memorial High School Art Department is devoted to education and preparing students in the visual arts as well as art history and the process of fine arts. Within this district, the process of knowledge in the arts engage, refines and articulates all of our creative skills. The teaching method is in the traditional renaissance way and the first to offer and develop the tradition in arts education that has been forefront since the 1400 century. We continue to develop artists and innovators who influence our society.

We serve the community in which we reside, the professions for which we prepare new members and, ultimately, the society we both sustain and advance. The school's goal is to direct each student’s journey for creative self-expression toward a productive role in society. Our arts programs develop the student’s talent, aesthetic sensibility, conceptual and perceptual understanding, problem-solving, cultural awareness, and professional expertise. The curriculum integrates specific knowledge and skills needed for technical mastery of the various arts disciplines with a significant examination of conceptual and humanistic studies.

The artistic vision is to retain a distinguished teaching faculty and highly qualified, dedicated, offering a breadth of professional expertise. Our educational art program seeks to stimulate and influence not only our students but the very disciplines that we teach.