Parent and Family Engagement



Our mission is to build a community where parents and families feel welcomed, seen, and heard.


The Lemon Grove School District is committed to nurturing a strong partnership with our amazing families. We believe that well-informed and engaged families are the key to ensuring the success of all LGSD students, both in school and in life. Therefore we seek to provide parents and caregivers with the support, resources, and information needed to be proactive and involved in their children’s education.

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Our Team

Azucena Garcia

Parent and Family Engagement Specialist

Lemon Grove School District

Hello! My name is Azucena and I am the Parent and Family Engagement Specialist for Lemon Grove School District. I am very excited to connect with all of the diverse families from LGSD so that we can build a community that’s full of support, learning, and growth for our families and students. I was born in Nayarit, Mexico and my family moved to San Diego when I was 10 years old. We moved to Chollas View where I went to school from sixth to twelfth grade.

I have a bachelor’s in mathematics from Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR), after I graduated I moved to Japan for a year to teach English. I have 10 years experience in education, I have been an academic coach and a math teacher for 9th and 11th grade. I am a first generation college graduate and this experience, as well as my experience as an immigrant, have helped me understand how important it is to help families feel more confident in their ability to support students at home.

Everyone at LGSD is very excited to collaborate more with all families to make sure that you have everything you need to feel successful and capable of supporting your children from home. Thank you for your time. I would love to meet you, please send me a message at Have a great day!

Lemon Grove Academy Elementary

Emma Rios

Parent Volunteer Coordinator LGA Elementary

Hello!! My name is Emma Ríos, I am a LGA Parent Volunteer Coordinator, I came to this community in 1991, I have 2 children who graduated from the Lemon Grove School District. In 1998, I had the privilege of beginning my experience as a volunteer, of which, as time passed I learned the importance of, as a parent, to make our voice heard. In 2006 I was invited to be part of the committees that are part of our schools, and I had the opportunity to be ELAC President, ELAC Vice President, DELAC Representative, PTA President, PTA Vice President, (until today a member) SSC, also be part of the propaganda of the Prop, W. Which was of great importance to our community for the remodeling of our Library and remodeling of our Schools, I was part of firms to bring our UCSD clinic to our community which many of our families have benefited as well as our program of Feeding America.

In 2015 I accepted this position and began my experience as a staff of the Lemon Grove District, which to this day is my pleasure to help our teachers, families, students and above all continue to get involved in projects that are positive for our community ..

If you need help, please do not hesitate to call or reach me at LGA Elementary!


Parent Engagement Lead LGA Elementary

Coming soon!

Lemon Grove Academy Middle

Bricelda Perez

Parent Volunteer Coordinator LGA Middle


I’m Bricelda Perez a mother of two loving kids. For as long as I can remember, my dream has been to one day become a teacher. I love working with children and the positive environment they bring. Currently I'm enrolled in college taking some online classes. I’m also subbing some days in the after school program at Lemon Grove Academy Middle. I took the Parent Volunteer Coordinator position to help out parents and to get them involved with what's going on with their children in school. We are all in this together trying to support each other to become a better community, bring new ideas, and help each other out.

Kristina Watkins

Parent Engagement Lead LGA Middle

Coming soon!

Monterey Heights STEAM Academy

Carina Cendejas

Parent Volunteer Coordinator Monterey Heights STEAM Academy

My Name is Carina Cendejas. I was born in beautiful Coronado Island (in San Diego, CA) and raised in National City. This will be my first year working with Lemon Grove school district. I am the parent volunteer coordinator at Monterey Height STEAM Academy. I am very excited to welcome and work with parents back on campus and off campus. Working as a PVC I have learned how important it is for us as parents to be involved in our student’s education. Staying connected in every way possible is not only keeping you involved but also showing your student that their education matters. I encourage all parents from every school to apply to volunteer, even if it’s just for a little bit of time, an hour can make a big impact. Our students are our future, Let's invest our time to make their future the best!

Debbie Spellman

Parent Engagement Lead Monterey Heights STEAM Academy

Hello! I am Debbie Spellman, 2nd Grade Teacher at Monterey Heights STEAM Academy. I have many years experience as an Educator from San Francisco to San Diego. I have taught in private, charter and public schools throughout the county. Lemon Grove is a small district with many options for students, families and staff!

I am excited to join as the Parent Engagement Lead to support our Parent Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Cendejas, PTA President, Ms. Mariska and our Administration Team, Mrs. Turner, Ms. Malcolm and our Social Worker, Mrs. Claire Romero..

Welcome to a great school year, 2022-2023, as we get our In Person and Zoom events calendared. Let’s Go, Eagles!

Mt. Vernon Elementary

Raquel Lopez

Parent Volunteer Coordinator Mount Vernon


I'm Raquel Lopez I was born in Chicago Illinois but I am a San Diegan at heart. I have been an active member of the Lemon Grove community for 7 years. I'm currently the Mount Vernon Parent Volunteer Coordinator. All 3 of my kids have attended Mt. Vernon, so I have a special connection to the MV community.

I always say that community collaboration is a wonderful way to get to know your community and help volunteer. My favorite quote is by Theodore Roosevelt: "Believe you can and you're halfway there ."

Ana Rhine

Parent Engagement Lead Mt. Vernon

My name is Ana Rhine and I am a dual immersion Kindergarten Teacher at Mount Vernon. I have 2 kind and smart daughters, 1 and 2 year old. I have been teaching for 4 years in the LGSD. I love my job because of the great community support that our school lives and the authentic love for seeing our community thrive socially , academically and emotionally.

San Altos Elementary


Parent Volunteer Coordinator San Altos

Coming soon!

Sunthai Johnson

Parent Engagement Lead San Altos

Hello! My name is Sunthai Johnson and I teach 2nd grade at San Altos Elementary. This is my sixteenth year in education and fourth year teaching in the Lemon Grove School District. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a teacher, and I am so grateful that I get to work with a group of young scholars each day.

This is my first year as the Parent Engagement Lead for San Altos. I am very excited to collaborate with the other lead teachers in our district and work together with the families in our community.

San Miguel Elementary


Parent Volunteer Coordinator San Miguel

Coming soon!

Kimberly Sowvlen

Parent Engagement Lead San Miguel

My name is Kim Sowvlen. I am a parent, a teacher and staff member at San Miguel Elementary. I have been a classroom teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach, and teacher on special assignment for the arts at San Miguel Elementary school, for 27 years. During my tenure at San Miguel, my two sons attended our school, and have since moved on to graduate from high school and into higher education, right here in San Diego. I currently teach 2nd & 3rd grade at San Miguel. I love being in the classroom, with our San Miguel Lighthouse Leaders of the future. I am pleased to represent our teaching faculty at San Miguel as the SME Parent Engagement Liason this year.

Vista La Mesa Academy

Micky Quach

Parent Volunteer Coordinator Vista La Mesa Academy


My name is Micky Quach, I was born in San Diego and I have 3 children. My oldest son has been in VLMA since 2013. I have help out with PTA at VLMA, it was a great experience. I would love to see the school grow with parents helping out and getting involved with more of the school activities. I also love learning new things, and helping out with the community when I have the chance. I’m so thankful to be the Parent Volunteer Coordinator for VLMA.

Audrey Madrid

Parent Engagement Lead Vista La Mesa Academy

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