Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences

The Family and Consumer Science (FACS) curriculum encompasses many different topics. The main focus of FACS is to prepare young adults for the world of work and life on their own. Topics included in FACS are: Career, Community, and Family; Consumer and Family Resources; Human Development; Interpersonal Relationships; Nutrition and Wellness; and Parenting/Families.

FACS course offerings at Leland and Gray include:

Culinary Science 1:This is a one semester, full block course that examines and explores basic cooking and baking techniques and information to help student be more successful in the kitchen. The class begins with short units on nutrition and food choices, the ChooseMyPlate model, cooking terms, measuring equivalents and measuring techniques, food and kitchen safety, as well as meal/menu planning and pricing. The class proceeds with units and cooking labs on yeast and quick breads, eggs, vegetables, dairy foods, meatless meals and other topics, based on student interest.

Culinary Science 2: This one credit full block student-run class is open to students who have successfully completed "What's Cooking?" or by special permission from the instructor. The course is designed to provide a service to the school, by providing at-cost meals, while teaching students to be more confident, competent cooks. Recipes are selected, based on student interest.

Family Matters- This course is designed to give students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to understand themselves, their personal goals, have successful relationships, a successful marriage (if desired) and family, and a happy, healthy child. The students will get practical experience with the class's computerized newborn dolls.

Consumer Science - A.K.A.: Living on Your Own: This course is designed for the student who wishes to increase his or her knowledge of Life Skills (skills they will need to live on their own). Topics will include career goals, job interviewing skills, budgeting and financial planning, banking and credit, doing your taxes, types of insurance, housing options, lease agreements, automobile leasing vs. buying options, legal issues, and personal health and safety.

Middle School FACS- With the current scheduling the middle school FACS classes are taught a variety of FACS topics. My goal is to give students a sampling of the various FACS topics so when they are in high school they might choose one or more of the offerings above. Middle school FACS explores nutrition and food preparation, nutrients and food-related illnesses, self esteem and respect, babysitting, careers and consumer education, and other topics (like sewing) if time allows.