LJA Library

Search the LJA Library Catalog for books in our library

*Passwords are found here*

Requesting Library Books for Pickup

If you are not at school but would like to request library books for pickup, watch the attached video for directions or follow the directions below.

  1. Go to the LJA Library Catalog

  2. Select "Log In" at the top right

  3. Your username and password are located here

  4. Select "Catalog" from the top blue menu

  5. Search for the books you would like to check out

  6. After selecting the title, select the "Hold It" button on the right

  7. You will receive an email when your books are ready for pickup at the main administration office

Fall Reading Survey

Read a good book that isn't in our library? Have an idea for genres, topics or themes? Fill out the short survey to provide input into what books are purchased for our library this school year!


Hawaii State Public Library

Sign up for a public library card online HERE

All of the public libraries in Hawaii have access to:

-Books (any book at at any library can be sent to the library closest to your house!)
-Research databases
-Movie streaming thru Kanopy