LJA MS Distance Learning

Welcome to the Middle School Distance Learning site for Grades 6-8 students.

Please watch this video for a student-friendly explanation of our distance learning program.

For any tech help, please email helpdesk@lejardinacademy.org

For more details on our Distance Learning Philosophy, please go HERE


Make sure to read the Friday Overview as teachers will be summarizing the plan for the following week, including any google meets you should attend.

Teachers are "live" and available for help during the times they would normally be teaching that class. Teachers will also schedule face to face sessions at these times.

Flex Days are a time to catch up on missing work, pursue passion projects, service as action, or experiment with a new hobby. Please see our "Flex" page for ideas!!!

Check your advisory google classroom page for the advisory check-in plan for the day

Distance Learning in the Middle School

Our vision in the Middle School is for students to be prepared to succeed in a different learning environment under possibly stressed conditions. Our goal is for our Middle School community to feel supported, valued and safe.

Students will be expected to apply their Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills during times of school closure. Students will be asked to self-direct and manage their learning, reflect on their practice, and communicate with peers and teachers digitally.

As much as possible, teachers will continue with the units they are currently teaching. Learning tasks will continue to meet the curricular needs of the MYP, modified as necessary to reflect the realities of working from home. Students will receive feedback and grades via Google Classroom, email and Managebac, as well as Google Meet for one on one conferences and group feedback sessions.

Teachers will send out a weekly overview via Google Classroom every Friday so parents and students know what is upcoming and can plan ahead for any live google meet sessions. Teachers will assign and upload learning experiences to Google Classroom on the letter day that the class typically takes place. Students will be expected to log into the class on that morning to view assignments for completion. Students can work at their own pace, but we recommend that students follow their regular JARD class schedule for some structure and balance.

Monday is J-day schedule; Tuesday A-day schedule; Wednesday R-day schedule; Thursday D-day schedule; Friday is a flex day

Students will receive lessons for the 4 classes they typically have on J and R days and lessons for the other 4 classes on A and D days.

During these times, the following learning may occur:

  • Synchronous online lectures

  • Assigned independent work

  • Open office hours for help on assigned work

  • Online tutorials

  • Online discussions for whole class or small groups, either in a written or video format

During Advisory blocks on J and R Days, students will check-in with Advisors through predetermined platforms.

Fridays are Flex or “X” Days. On Flex days, students may:

  • Work on projects or ongoing assignments

  • Finish uncompleted work from earlier in the week

  • Work on optional enrichment experiences

Virtual face-to-face meetings or office hours will not take place for MYP courses on flex days, unless otherwise determined by teachers.

Components of Distance Learning in the Middle School

Live Meetings with Teachers and Advisors

It is very important for students to keep connected socially. Class meetings may be face-to-face online or on another digital platform to allow for students to connect.

Recorded Lessons

Recorded lessons, videos, experiments, presentations or other resources may be posted to Google Classroom.

Assigned Learning Tasks

Students will be assigned learning experiences on Google Classroom. Some learning may be online, while other work may be offline.

Learning tasks will be modeled to meet the curricular needs of the MYP Programme; however, in a distance learning environment they will not be designed to directly mimic in-class experience but rather the realities of work from home.

Teacher Feedback

Students will receive feedback and grades via Google Classroom, email and Managebac, as they normally would. Students are held accountable for completing their work and communicating with the teacher if they are unable to do so or need an extension due to the circumstances of the emergency.