Distance Learning Philosophy

As an International Baccalaureate school, we believe in student centered, inquiry-based learning. This means that rather than providing a lot of knowledge for students to merely memorize, teachers design learning experiences in which students can explore new situations and construct their own meaning through questioning, observation, critical thinking, and reflection.

At Le Jardin Academy, we aim to develop students’ curiosity, teach students how to think for themselves critically and creatively, develop their own passions, take ownership of their learning, and take action to advocate for themselves and others.

In order to ensure students are acquiring these types of skills and habits, we have implemented a hybrid model (a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning). We use the term “distance learning” rather than online learning in order to clarify that we do not rely entirely on screen-based activities. While some e-learning is, other learning includes offline experiences such as, reading, journaling, observing, building, painting, or teaching others in the household.

Le Jardin Academy’s Hybrid Model

Our IB curriculum is externally evaluated by the IB organization every 5 years to ensure we are offering experiences that are challenging, significant, relevant, engaging, and aligned with IB philosophy. Teachers are continuing to implement the learning experiences documented in our written curriculum, and creatively adapting the experiences, submission process, or feedback platform during this time of distance learning.

We understand that a teacher cannot always directly replicate a face-to-face lesson and place it in a distance learning platform. Developmental differences of students by age also requires that distance learning look different in different grade levels. When potential school closures are pending, teachers will collaboratively prepare for distance learning by identifying the most essential knowledge, concepts and skills for your child to know, understand and practice, and the most effective approaches to deliver instruction and gauge students’ understanding.