Welcome to LJA Exhibition 2021


It is finally here! Fifth Grade Exhibition. This year we are so excited to be back on campus. Though we are back on campus, Covid-19 restrictions still require us to make some changes to our presentation. Please look over the protocols and schedule below. Then, take the time to look through the websites the children have created. We have also included some questions that you might want to ask as you view the exhibits.

Please click on the link to view the protocols for Exhibition night.

Parking and Check-in: Please click on the link for a map.

Exhibition Schedule

5th Grade Exhibition will be held in three zones.

Zone 1: Admin. Courtyard (Ms. Foley's Class)

Zone 2: E Building Courtyard (Mr. Marsden's Class)

Zone 3: B Wing Lanai (Mr. Ameng's Class)

In order to limit the number of people at each Zone, we have created a schedule and ask that you stay in the assigned zone until you are asked to switch. You will be given about 20 mins per zone. This means that you might not get to see every exhibit in each zone. Please view the websites below to decide which exhibits you are most interested in visiting.

Ms. Foley's Groups

Gender Equality

Human Emotions


Space Exploration

Video Games

Mr Marsden's Groups

Animals used in Conflict

Black Lives Matter and Public Services

Effects of Junk Food

LGBTQ Rights

Mr. Ameng's Groups

Climate Change

Future of Medical Technology

Human Expression

Life in Space

Pollution Impact on Humanity

Virtual Reality