We have a licence as a service with Wordwall. If you don't know what wordwall is, please check out their website!

What does Wordwall do?

Wordwall allows you to create both virtual and printable resources for your classes. To assist you with the creation of resources, Wordwall offers you templates including 'random wheel', 'quiz', 'whack a mole', 'crossword' and many more.

Wordwall activities can be shared in Google Classroom via links, even as assignments!

An account is only required to create tasks and to set assignments, this means that we don't need to over-complicate our learners with more login details. The only requirement is for them to write their name before accessing the task for you to know who has done what!

Example of a wordwall task

Enter your name and give the task a go!

Do you like what you see?

Ask your line manager for an account! Accounts are limited and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.