Health, Safety & Welfare

If you have any concerns about a learner please contact your line manager or

Kerry Gray, Head of Service on 0116 4541851 or 07745322076

Looking after the safety and wellbeing of staff, students and members of the public is a key aspect of all of our jobs. The Council provides a wide range of training around aspects of health and safety either online or through face to face training that you can book via Myview.

If you have concerns about H&S please report them to your manager or if you feel you need more training or a refresher raise it with them at your next 1:1 or in a team meeting.

If you have concerns about an external venue which we use, please talk to the people in the venue in the first instance to try and resolve problems immediately and give them the opportunity to put things right. However you should also report concerns to your line manager with LASALS so that we are aware. Don't assume someone else will have told us!

All accidents, incidents and near misses must be reported using the council's online reporting system. Talk to your manager if you need to record an issue.