Online Courses at LASALS

We know that we have many students and staff who may not feel comfortable returning to a group setting for some time. We also have many students who have found the move to online learning helpful as they navigate work and caring responsibilities and want to continue with that. Therefore, we have planned some courses which will operate fully online throughout the year and we will prioritise places to those who are shielding or more vulnerable.

Find more information below about the technical requirements and what joining an Online course with us means

What do I need to be able to take an online course with you?

To join an online course with us you will need to have:

  • A computer running Windows 8.1 or newer or Mac OS High Sierra or newer. You can also use an Android device (phone or tablet) running Android 5.0 or above or an Apple device (phone or tablet) running iOS 11 or above.
    Unfortunately, Amazon Fire tablets cannot connect to Google Meet video calls, so you cannot use these tablets to fully participate in a course.

  • A stable internet connection of at least 15 Mbps. You can check your internet speed by clicking here.

  • A microphone to be able to communicate with your tutor and classmates. Laptops, smartphones and tablets generally have a microphone built in.

  • Motivation and enthusiasm to complete your tasks online and to join the virtual class at the arranged time.

We recommend that you also have:

  • A webcam for your tutor and classmates to be able to see you, this is recommended but not necessary.
    Laptops, smartphones and tablets will generally have a built-in webcam. You can decide whether your camera is on or off before joining a call and can change your mind at any time if you are not happy to be seen. Only you can turn your camera on or off.

  • Headphones are recommended but not necessary. We find that they help learners to focus and learn more.

  • We recommend you use the Google Chrome Web Browser on your device, as we use Google Classroom, Google Docs and Google Meet for our online sessions.

What does the college provide when I enrol?

Once you enrol with us, you will be provided with your student account.

Your account will be in the format and the college will let you know your student ID number.

This student account gives you access to:

  • Gmail – To protect your privacy, your tutor and other students will only contact you using your e-mail account.

  • Google Classroom – Your tutor will give you the code to access your course’s classroom or will send you an e-mail invite for your classroom to your e‑mail account.

  • Google Meet – If your sessions are taking place online, your tutor may arrange meetings using this tool. Your tutor will share a link with you that will give you access to the meeting.

  • Google Drive – You have use of Google’s free storage for your course materials.

Remember: You can access your account from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

I have enrolled, what next?

Your tutor will get in touch with you shortly before the start of your course via your e-mail account to explain what happens next, so don't forget to check your student e-mail regularly. Enjoy your course!

What do I need to do to make the most out of my course?

  • To get the full experience, please attend your sessions. If you cannot attend, let your tutor know using your student leicesterlearns email.

  • Always use your student leicesterlearns account to access Google Classroom and Google Meet

  • Find a comfortable and quiet space to take part in online sessions

  • Check your surroundings. Make sure that nothing that you wouldn’t want your classmates or tutor to see is visible behind you (e.g. bank statements, washing, family pictures, etc.) and that other members of your household are not visible or heard in the background

  • Inform members of your household when you are in a class or a meeting online to avoid being disturbed.

  • Behave in your online sessions as you would in a classroom. Our inclusive learning environment upholds British Values to guarantee that everyone is treated fairly and with respect. All learners are expected to fully participate and to listen to other learners’ views, contributions and ideas.

  • Dress appropriately when online. Never wear something you would not wear in a classroom (e.g. pyjamas, offensive slogans, etc.)

  • If during your class you need to have a private conversation, please mute your microphone to avoid disrupting the session

  • Please keep yourself muted unless you are actively speaking. Your tutor may mute you to improve the sound quality of the call. You are welcome to unmute yourself to contribute but please mute yourself again after speaking

  • If your camera is off or not working, make sure that you participate in class to let your tutor know that you are there. You can use the chat messages to contribute as well as speaking

  • If you would like your sessions to be recorded, please ask your tutor if they are able to record the session. This might not be possible

  • Do not record your sessions, take screenshots or take pictures of the screen using phones or other devices, unless your tutor and classmates give you permission. The resources used during your session will be made available to you after the session. If you have questions about the material used, please contact your tutor through Google Classroom or by email

  • If your tutor shares a recording of a session with you, you must not share it with anyone else

  • Report any concerns about your safety or the safety of others to your tutor or a member of our safeguarding team. You can email the safeguarding team at

  • Engage with all the Keeping Safe Online content shared by your tutor

  • If you are unsure about how to join your online session or experiencing issues using Google Classroom or Google Meet, please contact our support team on 0116 454 1900

  • Do not use your leicesterlearns email account for other personal purposes eg. online banking