GSS Constitutional Reformations 2017

The GSS Constitutional Reforms Committee has worked throughout the fall semester to complete these recommended changes. All Graduate Students were given the opportunity to join the committee at any time. Due to the large amount of GSS Executive Board members (2 out of 4) on the committee. Lean Fang has begun working as Constitutional Liaison to the Executive Board whenever anything constitution related is discussed at meetings in order t maintain transparency and balance.

The changes outlined in the documents were presented to the General Assembly on February 1, 2017. These changes are available for comment throughout the entire process. Originally, we asked that any comments be made on or before February 18, 2017 so that they could be attended to prior to the motion for a Constitutional Dissolution if possible. On February 18, 2017, members of the Constitutional Reforms Committee motioned for a Constitutional Dissolution vote at the following meeting. This motion was unanimously approved by the General Assembly.

The March 1, 2017 meeting was advertised extensively and formally open to attendance of all graduate students. At this meeting, graduate students expressed challenges in access to the documents below. As such, the dissolution vote was tabled until the constitutional reforms could be better addressed.

In order to allow for a reasonable review period and maintain a timely election process, the following timeline was shared with students on March 3, 2017.

Adjusted Timeline

March 1: Vote and discussion tabled by majority vote due to access issues. Issues were resolved and access ability confirmed during General Assembly meeting.

March 3: Email delineating new timeline and requesting Election Committee volunteers disseminated.

March 8: Election Committee volunteers included in GSS Executive Board meeting in order to oversee and advise on election timeline planning.

March 22: General Assembly meeting will provide an open forum to discuss the constitutional reforms and make necessary edits. ALL DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE REVIEWED BEFORE THIS MEETING. A motion to vote to dissolve the current constitution at next meeting will occur. Additionally, the Election Committee will oversee vote on the acceptance of the GSS Guidelines for Elections and Vacancies. This vote requires quorum and a simple majority to pass.

April 5: Continued discussion on constitutional reforms will occur for up to 20 minutes if necessary. A vote to dissolve constitution and ratify new constitution, if applicable, will occur after this discussion.



Old/Current Constitution (PDF, Word)

Old Constitution.pdf
Old Constitution.docx

New Constitution (PDF, Word)

New Constitution.pdf
New Constitution.docx

Compared Constitutions (PDF, Word)

Constitutions Compared.pdf
Constitutions Compared.docx

Election and Vacancy Guidelines

NOTE: Election and vacancy procedures were removed from the Constitution and made a separate document as Constitutions do not typically include election rules.