Emma J. Page

Physics PhD Student at Lehigh University


About me

I am currently a third year PhD student at Lehigh University working with Dr. Joshua Pepper in astrophysics. I completed my bachelors in physics at Austin College in 2020.

I'm interested in discovering and analyzing new planetary and eclipsing binary systems. I hope to complete my dissertation on evolved star planetary systems.

When I am not studying astrophysics, I enjoy hanging out with my dog Oberon, painting, hiking and cooking!


Previous Research

As an undergraduate, I used the Adams Observatory at Austin College in order to discover transiting exoplanets at part of follow up observation for KELT and TESS. I also led a project to take and analyze images of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars (see photo above). Finally, I completed an honors thesis describing a photometric method for discovering binary star systems.

Eclipsing Binary Analysis

I'm currently working on a project using KELT and TESS photometry to conduct period analysis for binary systems from the Villanova TESS EB Catalog. We hope that this analysis will present systems for future analysis with interesting characteristics like changing periods or apsidal motion.

Discovering Evolved Star Hosts

For my dissertation, I hope to study planets transiting evolved stars. I'm currently conducting a population analysis for known evolved hosts. I plan on confirming more evolved systems using TESS photometry and will study how systems are effected by evolved stars. I am in the process of confirming and writing a paper on a small brown dwarf transiting a subgiant star, and will present those results at the 240th AAS summer meeting.

Check out my CV here, or feel free to reach out to ejp520@lehigh.edu to learn more