Glendale PTO


Legacy Traditional School’s mission is to provide motivated students with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence in an accelerated, back-to-basics, safe learning environment taught by caring, knowledgeable and highly effective educators in cooperation with supportive, involved parents.


Legacy Traditional Schools (LTS) was founded on the principle that parents and staff will work together as partners to provide an education that encourages students to pursue academic excellence to the best of their abilities. The back-to-basics curriculum, accelerated pace of studies, and high expectations for academic achievement, behavior, and dress require a firm commitment from every parent, student, and teacher. We at LTS also work to create a culture that fosters a love of country, building an understanding that we live in the greatest nation in the world. Our country affords opportunities, and with those opportunities comes the responsibility of citizenship. By selecting LTS, parents, students, and staff are responsible for and committed to supporting LTS programs, upholding standards, and following the rules and policies of the school. In all aspects, the PVO strives to achieve the goals of its mission statement and to encourage the “family” nature of the Legacy Traditional community.

Legacy Glendale PVO Mission Statement

PVO Mission statement: To actively support, promote and strengthen our school community.

PVO Goals

1. To provide information to the school community about what is going on at school

2. To offer opportunities to share your skills, talent and experience in volunteer activities which benefit our school community.

3. To develop and increase our School's fundraising.

4. To meet, socialize and build lasting friendships with other parents in our school community.

Upcoming Events

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