Leeds High School Faculty and Staff

Administrative and Office Staff

Amanda Beason

Assistant Principal

Mary Anne Yates


Maegen Chasteen

Attendance Secretary

English Department

Ann Boone

9th Grade English

Jeff Thomas

10th Grade English

Ashlyn Lett

11th Grade English

Charity Youngblood

12th Grade English

Math Department

Jodi Markus


Sarah Browning

Algebra II

Josh Argo

Algebra II with Trigonometry

Kyoung Cox



Science Department

Kristi Coots

Physical Science

Environmental Science

History Department

Ronald Hamilton

World History

Steven Porter

United States History I

Cristina Allen

United States History II

Lonnie Goldberg




Career Technology Department

Shannon Logan

Health Sciences

Catrice Thomas

Business Management and Administration

Computer Science

Christy Bartee

Family and Consumer Sciences

Chris Mills

Career Preparedness

Foreign Language Department

Fine Arts Department

Chip Wise

Music & Movement

Tina Miller

Theatre Arts

Physical Education Department

Lee Gibson

Physical Education

Athletic Director

Jake Wingo

Physical Education

Driver Education

Eddie Wall

Physical Education


Special Education Department

Julie Smith

SpEd Case Manager

Amy Powers

SpEd Case Manager

Carlie Swindle

SpEd Case Manager

Support Staff

Angela Walker

Virtual School and Career Technical School Facilitator

Administrative Assistant

Dwain Hagan

School Resource Officer