Asynchronous and Targeted PD just for you!

Self-paced PD to help you successfully integrate district provided tech tools into your classroom in a way that meaningfully enhances the teaching and learning process.

The LCSPD website has undergone a massive redesign! Instead of being organized by year, the PD opportunities are now grouped by tool or topic. You can either use the navigation tool on the top underneath the heading of "Challenges" or you can click on the topic of interest below.

LCS Pd Opportunities

  • Teaching and Learning - This category is full of PD opportunities where you will learn how to use specific tech tools in your classroom to empower, engage, and innovate.

  • Google Tools - This category will teach you the basic nuts and bolts of all of the Google tools we use each day. Learn how to use Jamboard, Sites, Slides, Docs, Forms, Originality Reports and more!

  • Seesaw - Seesaw is an interactive teaching and learning tool that we use at Bowman to not only engage our learners, but to communicate with families.

  • Pear Deck - Pear Deck is a Slides add-on that lets you make your lesson interactive. No more sit-and-get for your students. Instead, you can take the slideshows and materials that you have had success with in the past and engage students by having them participate in an interactive Pear Deck activity.

  • Screencastify - The ability to create our own videos has been a game changer. Explore this section to learn how to make your own videos and gifs. You will also learn about two special features of Screencastify that makes using videos with your students easier; Screencastify Interactive and Screencastify Submit.

  • Edpuzzle - Edpuzzle is a program that lets us take teaching and learning videos and edit them to make them work for us by adding questions, notes, and voice overs. Edpuzzle has a lot of slick features that force your students to actually engage with your videos!

  • Tech Tuesday - All the nuts and bolts you need to know about the technology tools we use every day.