Summer PD Opportunities!

Looking to do a little learning and earning of PD hours this summer? Did you want to participate in the LCSPD challenges or Tech Tuesday challenges during the school year but you just didn't have the time? Or, maybe you are brand new to the district or a position and just itching to get started! Well, you are in luck because all challenges will be open for completion during the summer. In addition to past challenges, there are also opportunities to explore our new edtech program acquisition, Pear Deck. To find previous challenges, use the navigation bar at the top. The PD challenges are separated by year or can be located on the achievement challenges page. Tech Tuesday challenges are on their own page and can be completed once you join the Google Classroom. Below you will find some challenges that I think are of particular importance or value. Any work done this summer will be credited to the 21-22 school year. Not sure which challenges you have already completed? Check the Points and Badges page.

Pear Deck Explorer

Pear Deck is a program that runs in Google Slides. It allows the teacher to take a static Google Slide presentation and turn it into an interactive activity to make the lesson more engaging and require students to be attentive and responsible for the content covered. You can use any Google Slide presentation you have already created, create a new slide presentation and add interactive Pear Deck elements, or create a new slide presentation using templates provided by Pear Deck. This activity will help you explore Pear Deck experience what it is like to participate in a Pear Deck.

Pear Deck Builder

Once you know what a Pear Deck is, it is time to flex those muscles and build one of your own. You will learn how to either take an existing Google Slide presentation and turn it into a Pear Deck or you can build a brand new Pear Deck from scratch. Learn how to use five different interactive question types

Pear Deck Presenter

**Coming Soon**

Now that you have created a Pear Deck, learn how to present it to students. This challenge will show you the difference between student-paced and teacher presented. You will also learn how to use the Teacher Dashboard and view student responses.

Classroom Content Pathfinder

Use the interface of your Google Classroom or Seesaw class to give your students access to content in a digital and easily accessible format.

Seesaw Activity Creator

Use the tools in Seesaw to create your own activities that can be anything from a simple one page assignment to a multipage activity that can include such features as video, audio directions, drag and drop, sorting, images, text response, drawings, and embedded web links.

Edpuzzle Pathfinder

EDpuzzle is the easiest way to engage and hold your students accountable when using videos. Instead of having all students sit in the dark to watch a video at the same time, EDpuzzle gives you the flexibility to have students watch the video independently, in small groups, as a center activity, or as an activity outside of the confines of the regular school day.

Lesson Packaging

Package all of the content that your students will need to complete their learning activity in one easy to access spot like a doc, slide, form or sheet.

Slides Superpowers

Use the features of Google Slides to create awesome looking content.


Learn how to use the program Screencastify to create videos right on your computer or your Chromebook.

Drive Domination

Dominate your Google Drive with these organizational tips and techniques.

Sharing is Caring

Do you know the best way to share content from your Drive? Do you know how to manage content shared with you?

Email Signatures

Create an email signature of awesomeness for your Gmail.