The LCSpd Challenge is a series of educational technology challenges designed to help you integrate technology in the classroom in a way that positively impacts teaching and learning.

Each challenge is designed to introduce you to a tool that we currently have in our arsenal and then have you implement that tool in your classroom in a way that either:

  • makes life easier and more manageable for you and your students

  • allows you to enhance the learner experience and design opportunities for collaboration and creation

  • shows you how to use your edtech to create learning opportunities that would be impossible without the use of technology.

Use the magic of the Screencastify editor to make your screencasts the next blockbuster movie that the kids can't get enough of! Or, just use the editor to trim dead space, add clips from other screencasts, zoom into important parts of your screen, and add text.

Use the tools in Seesaw to create your own activities that can be anything from a simple one page assignment to a multipage activity that can include such features as video, audio directions, drag and drop, sorting, images, text response, drawings, and embedded web links.