The LCSpd Challenge is a series of educational technology challenges designed to help you integrate technology in the classroom in a way that positively impacts teaching and learning.

Each challenge is designed to introduce you to a tool that we currently have in our arsenal and then have you implement that tool in your classroom in a way that either:

  • makes life easier and more manageable for you and your students

  • allows you to enhance the learner experience and design opportunities for collaboration and creation

  • shows you how to use your edtech to create learning opportunities that would be impossible without the use of technology.

200 Points

Jamboard is an interactive whiteboarding app created by Google. It is a true whiteboarding app, allowing for free hand drawing and scribing. Jamboard is collaborative and you can have up to 25 people working on the same Jam at one time. This tool is a must use! Check out this challenge to see how!

150 Points

The creators of Seesaw have an October TREAT for you. They put together 16 new Seesaw ideas to spark inspiration. Learn about five that interest you to grow your Seesaw mastery.