The LCSpd Challenge is a series of educational technology challenges designed to help you integrate technology in the classroom in a way that positively impacts teaching and learning.

Each challenge is designed to introduce you to a tool that we currently have in our arsenal and then have you implement that tool in your classroom in a way that either:

  • makes life easier and more manageable for you and your students

  • allows you to enhance the learner experience and design opportunities for collaboration and creation

  • shows you how to use your edtech to create learning opportunities that would be impossible without the use of technology.

300 Points

The district uses Clever as a sign on portal for students to access all of the learning applications they use at school like BrainPOP, Discovery Ed and more. When they go through Clever, they are able to get into the applications with the correct sign in information. As the teacher, you need to direct students to access these applications through the Clever portal. Learn more about this portal, as well as how to personalize it for your students through this challenge.

EDpuzzle is the easiest way to engage and hold your students accountable when using videos. Instead of having all students sit in the dark to watch a video at the same time, EDpuzzle gives you the flexibility to have students watch the video independently, in small groups, as a center activity, or as an activity outside of the confines of the regular school day. By having each student interact with the video, you are ensuring that they at least attend to the content and interact with it in a meaningful way. This challenge will introduce you to the basics of Edpuzzle and get you started on Edpuzzle awesomeness!

Have you already figured out the basics of Edpuzzle and are now on the way to video greatness? Complete this challenge to learn how to use audio notes, voiceovers, and even your own video! Then, use Edpuzzle analytics to see who actually watched your videos, how many times they watched your videos, and if they answered the questions correctly.