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Impacting today, creating tomorrow

It is the mission of LHSU to ensure that all students are adequately prepared for college and career success by combining academically rigorous coursework and technical studies with community-based, resume-building professional opportunities emphasizing 21st century skills.


In LHSU, we strive to help students discover their passions, impact their community, experience their professional interests, and create their futures.

Class of 2021 Seniors

Grant Carr

Doctor in-the-making

Amanda DeWitt

Teacher in-the-making

Destiny Wynant

Teacher in-the-making

2020 Seniors

These 11 seniors overcame all the obstacles of 2020 and completed the LHSU program with the passion and grit befitting scholars of their caliber. They are listed here in order of left to right, top then bottom row with the title of their Capstone project.

Gracie Carroll: Reflection of the LHSU program and Impacting Homelessness, 2020 Scholarship Winner

Maverick Haley: LHSU and Capstone Effects

Danessa Howe: Inclusion Revolution

Jenna Skeens: Evaluation of Lead in Soil Using the Mortality Rates of Caenorhabditis elegans

Alayna Starnes: Dietitians‌ ‌for‌ ‌Diabetes‌

Dustin Bolt: Reflection of the LHSU Program and Impacting Mental Health in Ministry

Amber Ruble: My Growth in LHSU

Carolyn Sterner: Teaching Tactics to the Extreme

Bethany Allen: The Problem of Inadequate Classrooms

Abbi Watkins: Pediatric Milestone Magnet

Zora Rowe (not pictured): The implementation of inspirational messages to decrease perceived stress levels in teens ages 15 through 18

LHSU Ambassadors 2019-2020

Cameron Moore, Gracie Carroll, Alayna Starnes, Bethany Allen, and Amanda DeWitt

July 2019 LHSU Trip to Europe

Five LHSU students traveled to France and Switzerland to attend the EF International Leadership Summit with Mrs. Latall. The focus of the Summit was "The Power of Communication." Students worked in groups with people from all over the world to create a solution to a communication problem. Ask them about their inventions!

Ryleigh Tucker, LHSU Scholarship Winner 2019

For her exemplary work on her Capstone Project, Ryleigh Tucker won the first annual LHSU Scholarship. She is now attending Southwest Baptist University to pursue her dream of becoming a counselor.

Senior Capstone Projects 2019

In April, 9 seniors presented their LHSU Capstone projects to the community. The Capstone project is the final, culminating experience of the LHSU program in which seniors demonstrate their experience in and knowledge of their chosen career. The key components of the Capstone project include a reflection on LHSU experiences, research about their career field, and a solution to a problem that they noticed in their Internships. The 9 seniors who graduated in May 2019 with LHSU honors were Sierra Wakkure, Sarah Carlson, Katie Brandon, Bailey Riggs, Zach Stubblefield, Ryleigh Tucker, Kenzie Darst, Maddie Stephens, and Zephanie White. Graduation honors include a medallion, a certificate, and special recognition at the LHS graduation ceremony.

Blanket Making for Children in the Hospital

A special thank you to The Hive for this feature video on our long-term service project!

LHSU Blankets 1.mp4

LHSU Ambassadors 18-19

These juniors and seniors represent and promote LHSU. They have been working behind the scenes to plan and implement LHSU events for second semester and offer valuable insight to this program.

(Left to right) Junior Gracie Carroll, Junior Alayna Starnes, Junior Cora Millikin, Senior Ryleigh Tucker, Senior Zach Stubblefield

Bennett Spring Volunteering

In September 2018, LHSU seniors and sophomores volunteered at Bennett Spring State Park. They cleaned roadsides, scrubbed the fish hatchery, and repaired trails. Everyone was exhausted after a rewarding day of work! Freshmen and juniors will have their volunteering day at the park in April.

June 2018 LHSU Service Learning Trip to the Dominican Republic