Letters with Love - An Intergenerational Letter Writing Project

During the height of the pandemic we saw communities across Quebec coming together to support people staying at home to protect themselves from COVID-19. Since April 2020, hundreds of letters from young people have been sent to offer emotional support. Sharing kind words and helping people know that they are in our hearts.

Even though the nature of the pandemic has changed, we invite young people from communities across Quebec to write friendly letters and create art work to send to seniors and vulnerable people isolated from friends and family, and the caregivers that support them.

LEARN and ELAN have adapted Semer le Bonheur resources for the English Speaking Community of Quebec.

Benefits for the Student Writers

  • Invoke empathy and compassion in youth

  • To think of others in need

  • To take time to help a stranger

  • To engage in a concrete writing situation for an authentic audience

  • To learn and practice the letter writing format

Benefits for the Letter Recipients

  • To decrease the feeling of isolation

  • To feel that they are not forgotten by society

  • To feel the warmth of a personal message

  • To reminisce about childhood memories

  • To take a break by enjoying a students’ message and illustration

Letters with Love Project.mp4

Students, seniors and teacher speaking about their experience exchanging letters with love.

Video produced by Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Cultural Committee