Driving Instructional Change with Google Tools

A Guide for Schools & Districts

Developed by Google for Education & The Learning Accelerator

Where do you want to begin?

Based on your current use of Google tools and needs for your school, choose one of the entry points below:

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Walk through our "Get Started" steps to ensure alignment with your instructional vision.

If you are just beginning your journey with Google tools or looking to revamp your use of them, start here.

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Learn about Google's four learning principles, through definitions, research, and school models.

If you are looking to focus your use of Google tools around a specific learning principle, start here.

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Learn about schools that are embodying specific learning principles and see how they use Google tools to support learning.

If you are looking for example schools to learn from, start here.

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Explore and share example strategies from classroom teachers across the country.

If you are looking for classroom examples to share with teachers, start here.

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