Parenting in the

Digital Age

Welcome to the SJR "Parenting in the Digital Age" Resource Site

The goal of this site is to provide parents in our community a series of resources to help continue the ongoing conversation started at the January SJRPA Lecture Series. You may want to "bookmark" the site as the url is quite long [].

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Parenting in the Digital Age Resources

The Outline above is a list of resources broken down into categories, that will be updated on a regular basis. Please view the Technology Usage Page for additional resources.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any follow-up questions.

  • Mr. Phil Taylor - ICT Specialist, Senior School /
  • Mr. Nathan Reimer - ICT Specialist, Middle School /
  • Mr. Rob Wiebe - ICT Specialist, Junior School /
  • Dr. Christine Churchill - Director of Student Care /
  • Ms. Penny Roadley - Counsellor, Middle and Senior School /

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