Parenting in the

Digital Age

Welcome to the SJR "Parenting in the Digital Age" Resource Site

The goal of this site is to provide parents in our community a series of resources to help continue the ongoing conversation started at the January SJRPA Lecture Series. You may want to "bookmark" the site as the url is quite long [].

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Follow-up Survey:

Select this link to complete a follow-up survey regarding the presentation in January.

Please explore the various links found in the top right hand corner of this site (top left on a cell phone). The student survey results have been updated. We will add to this site in the days and weeks to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any follow-up questions.

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  • Mr. Nathan Reimer - ICT Specialist, Middle School /
  • Mr. Rob Wiebe - ICT Specialist, Junior School /
  • Dr. Christine Churchill - Director of Student Care /
  • Ms. Penny Roadley - Counsellor, Middle and Senior School /

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