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Get PEN numbers for you students for sign in

Teacher Preparation: Sign Up> Create a Class> Add Students> Find PEN numbers

PEN numbers:

Students will need these to log in. You can find them in MyBluePrint by clicking on the 3 little lines in the top right hand corner. Choose CSV. It will download. Open it and look at the PEN numbers and print it.


Go to My ED BC - in the Field Set, choose "Default". Now the PENs will show up and you can print a list.

Intro to MyBluePrint

Student Log In or Sign Up

For a Slides Walk Through of this section, click here.

Create a Portfolio

Upload Artifacts = Add a Box

Student Surveys & Potential Careers

For two Google Docs to support work with Careers, use these links. You will be prompted to "Make a Copy". Do this and then you can make any changes in your own Google account.

Any questions? Contact Debbie Born, Helping Teacher