Google Classroom

Quick tips here following Google's Summer 2018 updates, in this yellow infographic. If you are an experienced Google Classroom User, scan through for what's new. More detailed videos and instructions are below. Scroll down for more!

Each section below includes a short video tutorial as well as step-by-step slides to help you navigate Google Classroom.

In this section, you'll learn how to create a new class and how to display the Class Code for your students.

How Students Join GC

Short and sweet - How students join the Class (and how Teachers find the Class Code)

Setting Up - Assignments Topics and Resources

Learn how "Stream" and "Classwork" are different. Suggestions for how to set up TOPICS in Classwork are given.

Adding Assignments

Now that you have a Classroom and students have joined, here's how to add an assignment.

Assignment options - 2 videos
Watch 2 videos in this tutorial that show you how to add resources to your assignments and also how to re-organize your topics and assignments. Think about what will work BEST for you and your students - what do you want them to see FIRST?
Student View of assignments

Here's what it looks like from the STUDENT view

Re-using an Assignment

Want to use a great assignment you've used in the past? REUSE a post!

Add the new "Classwork" tab to exisiting classrooms you've used in the past

Check out the Comment Bank feature and more when assessing in Google Classroom

Immediate feedback improves student learning. Have a conversation with students using Private Comments.

Archive your classes from last year ... or former students will still see them! You can "reuse" posts from Archived Classes.

CREATE: Question

Engage students by asking a questions and inviting them to REPLY to their classmates. Discuss what an academic reply looks like = Digital Citizenship!