Technology Info & Support for Staff

Self Service Password Portal

Sign in to the self service password portal now. This allows staff members to retrieve a forgotten password, or change the password if desired. For security reasons, passwords must be changed every three months. Employees may wait until the password expires, or change it themselves on a three month cycle. Use this link to access the portal, and then bookmark it for future use.

Password requirement:

  • 8 characters or more
  • upper and lower case
  • number and symbol

New Check My Progress Report Cards (Elementary and Middle School Only)

In the 2017-2018 school year, elementary and middle school teachers will complete report cards in Check My Progress for the first time.

For support in how to complete report cards in Check My Progress, CLICK HERE

CheckMyProgress Gradebook

The district recommended gradebook for MIddle and Secondary school teachers is CheckMyProgress. There is information about CheckMyProgress on the site: For Secondary school teachers CMP account requests should be directed to:

New Middle and Elementary accounts will be automatically created and sent to the school.

CheckMyProgress is also being used for MId and Elem report cards. Note - if you are using CMP as your gradebook none of the data flows into the Elem and Mid report card automatically. They are separate systems.

Consent Forms

The Abbotsford school district has several procedures in place to support the ethical use of technology. Click HERE to access consent forms for IT use, social media, Google Apps for Education, FreshGrade, BYOD and media.

Learn34 G Suite (District Google) Account Requests

Must be logged in to learn34 as a teacher to request a new account or password reset

STAFF ACCOUNT SUPPORT - Email directly using your email account to request an account. Also for passwords. Here are more "how to" details for logging in.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CLICK HERE to access frequently asked questions

Digital Ambassadors

Each school has a digital ambassador. Ideally, a digital ambassador assist with communication between the digital learning department and school staff and is an advocate for technology use in the school. Digital ambassador meeting notes are available by clicking HERE.