Online Learning

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Please explore this page for district recommended teaching and learning resources.

To begin, the Abbotsford District uses Google Meet for video conferencing with students K-12. Other key resources include:

  1. Google Classroom (Grades 6-12, some 4-5)

  2. Seesaw (Grades K-5 district licensed professional version; free version available as a teacher choice grades 6-12)

  3. Do you want a full-fledged learning management system (LMS) to use with students? Contact Zhi Su, District Principal, for information about Canvas.

Information HELP for PARENTS - Technology Tips - click here.

Google Meet tips - click here

Helping Technology work for your family - click here

ProD Workshops & Previously Recorded sessions - Please visit our ProD page as well as the continuity of learning supports web page.

An online classroom platform for delivery of assignments and materials to students. Students can create and add their own links and creations. Teachers can provide immediate feedback.

District approved online video conferencing tool for teaching and learning. Check out the new updates - April 2021.

Now you can set up BreakoutRooms ahead of time!! Click here.

Click the link above to find helpful tips and videos to manage your Google accounts, Google Docs, Slides, Drive and more. Learn to make graphs with Google Sheets too!

Be Internet Awesome - check out this FANTASTIC digital citizenship set of lessons put out by Google.

Grades 6+ - Use the free version of Seesaw. Start at Click here for Seesaw Teacher Learning resources.

EPIC Books - get set up for your class!

EPIC - updated Spring 2019

Screen Recording Options - click here

Jamboard - learn more here

myBlueprint - gr 6-12

Click here for step-by-step instructions for this Digital Portfolio platform.

Adobe Post, Spark, and Pages!

Click here for step-by-step instructions. Watch video to the right.

Students can CREATE individual slides which are "knit together" to create a video. Spark also has "Posts" (like an Instagram post or poster) and "Pages", which is a scrolling webpage. Note the new way to sign in. Teachers can create too and use these as instructional tools.

Watch this to see a STUDENT view of how to log in the first time.

How to Create a website using Google Sites

Sites is considered a teacher resource. The district does not generally recommend Sites for student use and it is not part of our Google consent form process. If you really want it, please contact the VP for Digital Learning. It can be opened temporarily and will need to be shut down again. Alternatively, consider having students create Adobe Pages, which is a scrolling website. See Adobe Spark section on this page for more info.

Teachers might want to create a Google Sites website and post plans for the week including choices according to your learning targets! Just one example. Click here for a tutorial

NearPod - learn more here

Add features to your Google Slides for more student interaction, including Immersive Reader, polls, media, collaborative boards, insert web content and more. Great for hybrid learning in high school all the way down to independent student centers in Kindergarten.

EdPuzzle - learn more here

Add questions and quizzes to videos that you trim from Youtube or create on your own. Great Secondary content.

Common Lit -

This FREE resource allows teachers to find books, articles and more as online resources. Find lessons and units aligned with curriculum standards. Set it up as a Common Lit Classroom (links to Google Classroom) or just use the links within Google Classroom. It suggests "pairings" that would work with your article. Many accessibility features. And always free.

Check out this webinar. and the latest virtual webinar and blog set up with FAQs, click here (Sept 24, 2020)

Techsmith Capture -

for Screen captures (formerly known as "JING")

This is a free video or image screen capture tool available from Techsmith, the same company that brought Jing to many of our computers! Jing was discontinued in the fall of 2020.

Click on this video for easy instructions on how to install this tool to your computer.

Make Your Own Stylus

Watch this video for instruction on How To DIY

Downoading Youtube

Download Youtube Videos to your computer

This process is designed to download a Youtube to your computer so that you can share video content even when offline. Videos can then be added to presentations, etc.

Tip: Change the address on your SLIDES presentation to make it easier for your participants to watch!

This tip is a game-changer. and involves changing the URL. You go to the END of your Slides address and backspace over everything until you get to the / and type "present".
For example (look at the ending section)
Now your presentation will fill the whole screen and you will still have access to all your tabs to navigate around.

Using your iPad as a Reader

Do you want your iPad to read content to you, the user? Check out the various ways in which this can happen. Click here for instructions

Who to Follow and Sites to Check out:

Common Sense Education - check out their Digital Citizenship lessons!

Eric Curts - All things Google

Matt Miller - DitchThatTextbook Practical and meaningful ways to use technology

Monica Burns - Classtechtips EdTech blog and tools for educators

Catlin Tucker - CatlinTucker All things blended and online learning

Alice Keeler - AliceKeeler Tech to empower students and build learning

Holly Clark - InfusedClassroom Infusing Google, Chromebooks, and Microsoft into the classroom

EdTech Team Professional Learning - EdTechTeam

New Math Whiteboard - Great for face-face or virtual teaching

Click here for information - Math Whiteboard

New Science e-Resources from TWIG Education

Check out how to access this great resource here!

GreenScreen by DoInk

Great tool for Content Creation! This is a paid app for the iPad, but the good news is you do not need the app on every iPad.

For some quick tips and hints on how to use the GreenScreen App, click here.