Physical and Health Education: Human Performance

Course Description:

This course is intended for student athletes engaged in high level training and competition which results in missed school days. This course replaces the High Performance Program. The Physical and Health Education: Human Performance course will provide students with the opportunity to survey various components of health, physical fitness, strength and conditioning, psychology, and leisure pursuits. The course will contribute to the physical and intellectual human and social development of the students. The overall objective is to allow students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to enhance their quality of life. The student's physical activity component of PHE is satisfied through their extensive participation in sport. Application deadline is March 9, 2018

Course Guidelines:

This course has been developed for students who are described by ALL the following:

  1. Frequent absences as a result of competition, training or travelling
  2. Students need support to balance competition, training or travelling and academics
  3. Competition, training or travelling limits students ability to participate in rigorous Physical and Health Education


To apply to this course, students must meet at least TWO of the following criteria:

1) Member of a Provincial or National Team

2) Awarded performance grants or bonuses to support training or competition

‚Äč3) Minimum of 20 hours training per week

4) Activity limits ability to participate in regular Physical and Health Education Program

How to apply:

1) Select Physical Health and Education: Human Performance and your corresponding grade on your course selection

2) Complete and submit the Student Application

3) Have a teacher submit the Teacher Reference on your behalf

4) Have a coach/instructor submit the Coach/Instructor Reference on your behalf