KLO Québec Trip

Images of Quebec 2018

"I really enjoyed the food in Montreal. also i was very charmed by the atmosphere of Vieux Quebec will all of the older buildings, and I liked Montreal with its more technology advanced culture as well! "

"I loved it! The Quebec trip was a huge highlight for me this year and I would love to go back sometime in the future. I love experiences where I can learn and expand my knowledge without feeling like it has become work. The trip was balanced in a way that it felt like a vacation, but at the same time different, because I learnt a lot more then I other wise would have on a regular trip with my family. The group of students and friends that I was accompanied with, helped me feel more at ease along the trip. Overall the experience was incredible and I enjoyed it from the moment I walked into the airport from the moment I left it."

"I loved this whole trip I think the waterfall was amazing and my favourite part. I don’t think anything could any better than it was."