Pearl River Yearbook

CLASS OF 2022!!


Senior Portraits LAST CHANCE 10/15 OR 10/23 PIRATES COVE!!!

Dear Parents of the Class of 2022!!!

I cannot believe that we are already getting geared up for the 2021-2022 School Year!!

As you know, we typically take the photographs of the upcoming year's seniors during May of their Junior year, which obviously couldn't happen. We have made arrangements for Sunflower Studios to do Socially Distant Senior Portraits.

Unfortunately, with the new guidelines, we are not able to utilize Sunflower's Tux's, Drape for pictures as the students would all have to be sharing, and the photographers too close. While it is slightly different from how we have done things in the past, we are also excited about the opportunity for the students to express themselves a bit.

Instead students should wear the following:

Navy Blue or Black Blazer

Collared white shirt

Choice of tie


Off the shoulder or v-neck dress shirt (or dress) in solid black or navy blue.

Cap and Gown will be provided.

Please use the link to make your appointment.

Students need to take these photos to be able to receive a student ID.

As always appointments are tight, so students should come with hair and makeup done.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Your photo will be online approximately 2-3 weeks after picture day.

You will receive an email or a card with an individual password at that time (PRHS IS RECEIVING PROOFS IN YOUR PE CLASS). If you don't receive one after this period of time, please email Sunflower Studio with your child's grade, name and school. We would be glad to provide it at that time.

If you do not take a portrait with our photographers we cannot issue a school ID. This ID will be needed for your Disney trip. Please plan accordingly. If you take a portrait with an outside photographer please be sure to match our background and follow our dress code so that it looks cohesive.


Your child chose a portrait at their sitting. It is the one on their school ID. If you want to change that choice, please contact sunflower directly by 10/31/21 at (845) 708-5010.

Welcome to the Pearl River High School Yearbook Website!!

Adviser: Megan Johnston -- -- Room 227

Meetings: Tuesdays room 227


Lost your student ID???

Email to order a new one!!

SPORTS PHOTOS 2020-2021 to view and purchase CLICK HERE

School Photos 2022- 10/27 and 10/28 during Physical Education Class in Pirates Cove


Link for preorder:

Sunflower Portraits is providing this update for PRHS undergrad student pictures grades 8-11.

If you do not take a portrait with our photographers we cannot issue a school ID. This ID will be needed for your Disney trip, Drivers permit/license, and various other activities. Please plan accordingly.

Make Up day 11/30- in the library- just simply come camera ready and head there during a free period.

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Senior Ads 2021- Deadlines

You can begin uploading your Senior ads at this time. CLICK HERE.

Deadline 1: 11/22/2021

Full - $225

1/2 - $125

1/4 - $75

1/8 - $40

Deadline 2: 12/31/2021 add $5

Deadline 3: 1/31/2022 add another $5

Parents of seniors, please make note of these deadlines. We thank the company for their assistance in granting us extensions in the past, but are not sure that they can do so in the future. As they are difficult to get in, we have offered an incentive for getting them in at your earliest convenience, you will save money for being ahead of the game. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to the development of terrific yearbook full of memories!

Business Ads

In an effort to keep the yearbook affordable and be able to provide scholarships to our valuable student members, this year we are also adding back the ability to purchase an ad for local businesses.

To purchase an ad for a business please CLICK HERE

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Similarly , we have offered an incentive for purchasing at your earliest convenience, you will save money for being ahead of the game.

Order Early!!

Deadline 1: 10/22 Cost $85* with free icons

Deadline 2: 12/31 Cost $90*


Deadline 3: April $95*

Purchase extra in School $95*

*all prices need to have tax added for final number- reach out if you need to know that number.

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PHOTOS (uploading your own photos for the yearbook)

  • Elementary Photos of 2022 Seniors

  • Spirit Photos

  • 8th grade dance

  • JR Prom 2021

  • First Day of School


Past Yearbooks - 2019 Books SOLD OUT!!!

You can still purchase one online, or by bringing cash or check for $90 to Mrs. Johnston in room 227A prior to the distribution date, or to the distribution itself.

2017/2018/2020/2021 YEARBOOKS Available

There are VERY few 2017/2018 yearbooks available for purchase in room 227A- bring a check for $50 made out to "Pearl River High School" to Mrs. Johnston- first come first served.

Limited quantities of other "past" yearbooks are also available for purchase. Please inquire by emailing Mrs. Johnston.