Class of 2019


Check in at 12:45PMin the auditorium with carry on bag ONLY

Thursday, November 15THat 6:07PM


Check in at 1:45PMin the Pirate Cove with carry on bag ONLY

Thursday, November 15THat 6:00PM

Once you check in, you will NOT BE ABLE to go to your locker, car, or anywhere else. This is the 1stofficial check in for the trip.

Lateness will result in sitting at our first park on Friday for one hour.


· You MUST bring your carry on bag to school with you on departure day.

· You MAY NOT leave school at any time to go home and get your carry on bag.

· All seniors on the JFK flight MUST BE IN CLASS periods 1-6

· All seniors on the Newark flight MUST BE IN CLASS periods 1-6 and period 8.

· No seniors will be permitted to go out for lunch on departure day. ALL STUDENTS MUST EAT LUNCH IN SCHOOL.

· Bring your STUDENT ID or license. You can’t board a plane without identification.

· Make arrangements to have your car picked up from the high school. You MAY NOT leave your car in the school parking lot for 5 days.


Pearl River HS Project Graduation needs your support!

Join us on November 07, 2018 from 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at Nanuet Five Guys

255 East Route 59, Nanuet, NY 10954

Five Guys will donate 10% of your purchase on November 07, 2018 from 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. to Pearl River HS Project Graduation.


1. FORMS (medical, student info sheet, permission slip, cell phone permission) are OVERDUE. Please get any missing forms to Ms. Schneider ASAP!

3. BOCES STUDENTS: Students going to Disney who go to BOCES in the AM are to go to their BOCES classes on the morning of November 15th and return to PRHS as usual. Students who go to BOCES for the PM session are NOT GOING to BOCES on November 15th. We have excused you from class so that you will be here at the high school in time for departure to the airport. We will let you know where you will "hang out" until departure time.

4. RCC STUDENTS: Depending on which you flight you are on, it is your responsibility to get to PRHS in time for departure to the airport. You will receive this information shortly.

5. PARKING: We understand that many of you will drive to school on the morning of November 15. We encourage you to CARPOOL that morning to avoid a large amount of cars being left in the parking lot. In addition, you must arrange for someone to pick up your vehicle from the parking lot. Students may not leave their cars in the parking lot for 5 days.

6. MANDATORY STUDENT MEETING: There will be a MANDATORY STUDENT MEETING on Wednesday, November 14th at 3PM in the high school auditorium.

7. LUGGAGE CHECK: You MUST bring your packed luggage to the Pirate Cove on Wednesday, November 14th between 6PM-8PM. If you are late, there are consequences. You will sit out the first hour once we get to our first park!


a. One suitcase, 50 lbs or less! You will bring your carry on with you to school on Thursday, November 15th.

b. Label your suitcase.

c. Do not pack your ID in your luggage. Bring it with you on Thursday to school.

d. Bring all prescription and sealed over the counter medications for the nurse to check in a ziplock plastic bag.