Mrs. Sheryl Palacio

Regent's Living Environment

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Welcome to Regent's Living Environment/Biology!

This year we will explore all of the things that make you you. We will take a peek inside living organisms, as we seek to understand how they function both alone and collectively. Topics we will explore include:

    • The Scientific Method and Laboratory Instruments
    • Life Processes
    • Biochemistry = the chemistry of living things
    • Cells & Cell Transport
    • Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
    • Reproduction - Asexual and Sexual
    • Modern Genetics
    • Evolution
    • Principles of Ecology
    • Human Impact on Earth
    • Human Body Systems

The best way to keep on top of what your kids are doing in the classroom is to regularly check the Parent Portal. This will allow you to view any completed or missing work. Each time the kids take an exam or quiz, their grades usually appear later that day, or by the next school day. In addition to doing many practice regent's questions on paper, we will us an online tool called Barron's Regents where the students will have frequent homework assignments. Each student will be enrolled in my Google Classroom so that they can view the content learned inside the classroom on their own time using their mobile devices. Quizlet is another great educational tool that we will use to solidify the understanding of the numerous vocabulary terms embedded in our curriculum.

I am looking forward to learning with your kids. With mutual respect we will have an educationally productive year together!


Sheryl Palacio