Homework and Important Information

18 - 19

October 17th

Today we reviewed for tomorrow's test.


  • Complete Chapter Review and check answers on the back. Come tomorrow with any questions.

October 16th

We reviewed multiplying and dividing integers and solved integer problems using the order of operations.


review worksheet - #1 -4 on front and back

Test on Thursday

October 15th

We looked at patterns of multiplying integers and exponents (see classwork worksheet)

We also learned how to divide integers and find averages. (page 260 in workbook)


Complete Dividing worksheet - top half only

Test on Thursday

October 12th

In class we took integer word problems and wrote equations to match what we learned about adding and subtracting integers. We also did this challenge problem: http://www.openmiddle.com/integer-sums-and-differences/

In extra math we learned about multiplying integers.


Graded homework due Monday

Workbook page 256

Test tentatively scheduled for Thursday on Integer Operations and properties. Extra help on Monday.

October 11th

We discovered how to subtract integers by looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction on page 250 of the workbook.



Graded homework due Monday

page 252 in the workbook

October 10th

We continued adding Integers and examined how the properties could make it easier

Review video: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-negative-numbers/arith-review-add-and-sub-integersss/v/adding-integers-with-different-signs


Graded homework due Monday

October 9th

We added integers on a number line and discovered the rules for adding integers. We used pages 246 and 247 in the workbook.


  • Worksheet # 1 - 13
  • Write the adding integers rules to your own document that we made in class today about integers
  • Get quiz signed if you didn't

October 5th

We continued talking about integers and students were given some Integer word problems - students should use logic, pictures, number lines and prior knowledge to try to figure them out.

In extra math students were given their quizzes back and we went over questions. We also talked about comparing integers.


  • Complete integer word problems on Google Classroom if you didn't in class
  • Complete comparing integers worksheet (yellow)- both sides
  • Get quiz signed

October 4th

Goal: To find absolute value of integers and to compare integers using line graphs


Finish classwork worksheet if you didn't (Downside Up)

Workbook page 244

October 3rd

We defined integers as whole numbers and their opposites.


On a separate piece of paper, draw a picture that illustrates a real - life use of negative integers (it can just be simple sketch but I would be happy to hang some up in the room). Write a sentence or two that explains how negative numbers are used in your picture.

October 2nd

We learned about how zero was first used in equations and researched the properties of whole numbers. We completed a chart in Google Classroom


  • Properties worksheet

October 1st

We learned about the binary place value system and how it is used.

We watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpk67YzOn5w


  • Complete binary questions on Google Classroom

Here is a link which shows the introductory lesson and also has the printable cards: https://csunplugged.org/en/topics/binary-numbers/unit-plan/how-binary-digits-work/

September 28th

We went over the past two days warm up Problems

We talked about how zero changed our number system (natural -> whole numbers)

September 26th

Students took the number theory quiz (they will all finish the last question tomorrow)


Answer the zero questions on Google Classroom

September 25th

We looked at word problems and the key word that imply LCM or GCF and reviewed for tomorow's quiz


Review for quiz

  • Complete worksheet (answers: 1) 5 pkgs stickers and 2 pkgs scrapbooks, 2) 12 kits with 5 hand warmers and 4 foot warmers. 3) 28 days - Jan 7, 4) 240 min = 4 hours = 1:00, 5) 5 groups of 87 reps, 20 senators, and 40 interns)
  • sections 1.4 - 1.6 in workbook
  • Review Jeopardy

September 24th

We learned different strategies for finding the LCM (list of multiples, factor trees and box method)


Complete page 26 in workbook

September 21st

Finish Google Classroom work on factor trees, GCF and LCM

September 20th

We applied out knowledge of factor trees and greatest common factor.


Finish classwork if you didn't (setting the table) and try bonus

BONUS: A certain natural number has exactly 8 factors. Two of the factors are 15 and 21. What is the sum of all 8 factors?

September 18th

Today we went over the number theory homework and students shared how to use excel spread sheets to help solve the problems. We also learned the fundamental theorem of arithmetic (see unit of study) and learned how to make prime factorization trees.


Watch this flip lesson video and take notes (direct link is on Google Classroom)

GCF-Flip Lesson | Math | ShowMe


September 17th

Today we used our knowledge of the divisibility rules to solve different riddles (See google classroom)


Study the divisibility rules if you don't know them

Think about the dozens problem and think about if you have the largest number. How do you know it is the largest?

Get Calculator Letter signed

September 14th

Today we took the September STAR test. We also did a quick review of divisibility and learned the rule for 8.


Recall and research the divisibility rules to fill out the divisibility chart on Google Classroom.

Here is a video if you need help: Rules of Divisibility

Get Calculator Letter signed

September 13th

Today we did a team building activity, finding natural numbers.

No new homework but continue to work on yesterday's assignment if you need more time.

September 12th

Today we talked about "What is number theory?" and looked and different sets of numbers to come up with what was special about them.


Try to answer questions on the second page of What is Number Theory document. - spend about 15 minutes on this and we will talk about it in class tomorrow.

September 7th

Today we examined how ancient civilizations used numbers and math and talked about the Babylonian Base 60 number system


Complete chart converting Babylonian numerals to standard form. Use attached picture to help

September 6th

We problem-solved

We brainstormed ways we need math in future careers


Think about the jobs people had in ancient civilizations and how they used math

September 5th

We learned some class procedures and set-up Google Classroom.

We problem-solved


Continue to work on the challenge problem

Read math letter with your parents sign it