Ms. Hochberg's Class Website

Welcome to Ms. Hochberg's class website! I look forward to working with you this year and sharing my passion for literature, writing, discussion, and critical thinking. This website is a resource for agendas, classwork, presentations, and homework. Use the menu at the top left of the page to find your class.

Teacher Information

NAME: Ms. Morgan Hochberg

SCHOOL: Westlake High School


EMAIL-To Communicate:

EMAIL-To Share:

Contacting the Teacher

1. I am available by appointment at lunch and after seventh period. Should students have any questions or concerns, my door is open.

2. Messages may be left on my school voicemail, but for quicker response, email is the fastest way to reach me. Please leave home or work phone numbers for phone messages, as the school phones do not access cell phone numbers.

3. I am available after seventh period for conferences with parents and students. Please make an appointment with the student's counselor if a conference is desired.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Period 2: ELD- Designated Standards

Period 3: English- 9H

Perioid 4: PREP

Period 5: ELD- Integrated Literacy

Period 6: English- 9H

Period 7: English- 9H