PayPal Account Login - PayPal Login - Sign In

As we all know PayPal is widely used by most of the people in the world. Because it offers a variety of banking benefits thus it is used by millions of people due to its low fees and security reasons.If you want to send and receive the money by using paypal you You must have a PayPal account to manage your outward and inward money flows. On the other hand, if you have already signed up for PayPal , also need to follow steps to Log in to PayPal. Once you done, You can make instant transactions. Apart from this, paypal also acts as an online shopping centre as you don't have to wait in the queue to clear your bills as PayPal helps you to make it done quickly and securely.

How do I open a PayPal Account?

Before opening account, you must know the types of PayPal accounts i.e. Individual and Business. If we talk about the process to open the both accounts is somehow slightly different, here is a process to open a PayPal business account:

  • At the first glance, open the official link

  • Click on the Sign up for free button.

  • Choose the type of account: Individual or Personal.

  • Click Next to enter your email address.

  • Select the Business account in order to determine your sales volume and purpose for accepting payments.

  • Enter the details the PayPal platform ask you later.

  • Tap Next to enter the details on the each page.

  • After that, enter your personal details.

  • Now, link a payment method to your PayPal account.

  • Agree with terms and confirm your identity through PayPal.

How can I access my PayPal account?

Once you registered with PayPal prepaid login platform, then you will see that your account is verified and you can start with your transactions. First of all, make the payment or check the balance from the history.

  • Al the first glance, Visit the PayPal login account page.

  • Enter your user ID or email address in the “Username” area.

  • Enter your password that you have created.

  • Click on the login page and you are done!

PayPal Errors and Problems

PayPal is one of the most proffered payment platforms in the era. But you might have some PayPal login problems and other issues when using it.

Cannot transfer funds

While using PayPal login, If you're unable to transfer money to your PayPal Account or transfer funds to another account, make sure that you are transferring funds to the exact recipient account. Also, make sure that the cards youlinked has sufficient funds to make the transaction. The error you will get is the most common issue "PayPal cannot process your payment"

PayPal Services down

Sometimes you might get maintenanceerror of PayPal website or application, you must wait for a sometime and will notice that PayPal services are unavailable.

Unable To Log Into My Account

When you are unable to login into Your PayPal account, then you would find a problem of wrong password or wrong email address. Make sure you have entered correct details.

How do I reset my PayPal password for login?

You might lose the PayPal login password and you won’t be able to registered into your PayPal account either on the PayPal website nor PayPal's application:

  • If you are try to change your passwords for your PayPal account, this will help you in accessing to your PayPal account.

  • Visit the PayPal login page, and then click Login on the right.

  • Send your email address and follow the link.

  • Click on Forgot password.

  • Make sure you have provided correct email address or the phone number carefully.

  • Just click on reset button and again create your password.

  • Verify your new PayPal login password.


Cleared with all the doubts? Most of the things I have cleared in the above section, so you don’t need to worry while using the PayPal, whenever PayPal gives you errors, the issues are not permanent and can be solved by perseverance and the right method.