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Homeowners' Claims

"Weather" it's a natural disaster or a simple plumbing leak, when you own your home it can all seem insurmountable. As conscientious homeowners we all have homeowners' insurance policies that undoubtedly protect our homes and personal property with enough protection to ensure our homes and personal property are returned to their pre-loss condition or replaced, just as they were before the loss. Likewise, our policies are written by reputable insurance companies that have always kept us and our property safe and secure, so leaning on our reputable insurance companies is easy when we're not strong. If only this scenario were true. Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the sales business. They will "sell" you a product, and like most merchants, they will attempt to keep you happy and make a payment when you're in need. However, every dollar they pay you is a dollar out of their bottom line. You've paid your premiums for years for this exact reason. Don't allow another "disaster" to happen to you by your insurance company. Make sure you Lean on me, your Hometown Home Attorney, and the experienced staff of Lean Law, P.A. to help you navigate your complex insurance claim. Don't leave money on the table.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/Personal Injury

It's unlikely you had a traffic accident during a regularly scheduled "test crash." Lean Law, P.A. works with and has connections to a multitude of Personal Injury and Medical professionals all across the state of Florida. If you've been injured in an auto-accident, don't hesitate to Lean on me and Lean Law, P.A. to help you find the right Personal Injury attorney for you and your needs.

Lean Law, P.A. works tirelessly to collect on Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits on behalf of Medical Providers ac cross the State of Florida. If your medical office needs guidance, assistance, or legal representation in pursuit of your outstanding unpaid, underpaid, or improperly adjusted PIP claims, call Lean Law, P.A. today.

Employment Law

Lean Law, P.A. has experience handling both federal and state employment cases from Wage and Hour disputes, to Whistle Blower and Family Medical Leave Act Retaliation, to Worker's Compensation Retaliation, and EEOC claims. We also have experience handling Collective class actions. If a current or former employee has sued, filed a claim with the EEOC, or has sent your business a demand letter, don't hesitate to Lean on me and Lean Law, P.A. to help you find the right approach for you and your legal needs.

Lean Law, P.A. also offers outside "in-house" legal services for small businesses who cannot afford to have a full time in-house legal or compliance department. Contact Lean Law, P.A. today to see if we can help.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes, both on a small and large scale can end up being a most frustrating debacle; however, you have a contract for reason. If you're being sued on a contract, or believe you need to sue to enforce your contract, Lean Law, P.A. offers hourly, flat fee, and contingency based payment arrangements for certain types of contract dispute cases. Contact us today to see if we can help!

Lean on me for all your legal needs

If you have a legal issue the skilled team at Lean Law, P.A. can and will assist you. If we're not the right firm, we know the firm that is and can set everything up for you.

Most of the population does not desire to hire an attorney. Unfortunately, in today's complex, changing and often overwhelming world sometimes an attorney is "just what the doctor ordered."

Call us anytime day or night and let's see if we can help. We would be honored for you to Lean on us.

Lean Law, P.A. offers free no obligation case evaluations and consultations. The majority of our practice operates on a contingency fee basis. Meaning, we don't get paid unless you do. What this means for you is no "out-of-pocket" expenses for attorney's fees. What this ensures for you is that Lean Law, P.A. will not rest until we obtain the maximum you deserve from your insurance policy, personal injury, or your employment claim. Lean on Lean Law, P.A. for all your legal needs.

Lean Law, P.A. serves all of Central Florida. Call us today.

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The Man Behind the Name

Bobby Lean, Jr. is the Managing and Founding partner of Lean Law, P.A. Bobby's experience includes litigation of Insurance & Contract disputes, Employment Law, Insurance Subrogation, Negligence, Personal Injury Protection, Bad Faith, Debt Collection, Family Law, and Bankruptcy. He has represented national corporations and individuals alike during his career.

Bobby received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. He then moved to sunny Orlando, Florida to attend and receive his Juris Doctor degree from Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law.

Bobby’s passion for the law and desire to help others has been deeply rooted and ingrained from a young age. Bobby often jokes he attributes his legal career to the "Law and Order" character Jack McCoy who he grew up watching. While in Law School Bobby was one of the founding members of the Human Trafficking Awareness Coalition and served on the executive board until his graduation. Bobby also served on the Student Government Association and worked as an Admissions Ambassador for Barry University helping individuals wishing to pursue a career as an attorney navigate the often-overwhelming endeavor that is law school.

Bobby has tried over 50 civil cases and stands ready to pursue your claims. Bobby has a reputation for zealously advocating for his clients and does so with a never-back-down attitude which has become a staple in his practice as an attorney and yields results for his clients.

In his time away from the office, Bobby enjoys spending time with his significant other Jessica, and their four-legged child Isabella Sophia. As a self-proclaimed “quasi-professional bowler”, you’ll likely be able to catch him throwing a ball down the lane at the local ally. An avid cook, he has also been quoted as saying he “could give Bobby Flay a run for his money”. Bobby also enjoys boating, the beach, and social events with his close friends and family.

Videos and Blogs

Had a great interview with Michael Shea, P.A. with Transworld (https://www.yourfloridabusinessbroker.com/ ). For some common sense approaches to reopening businesses in the wake of COVID-19 / Coronavirus / pandemics. Hope you enjoy.

We're proud when our clients choose to lean on Lean Law, P.A. Our clients know we are striving for them in their time of need, so they can relax and know we're taking care of business.

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Recent Notable Settlements

Seminole County:

    • ROOF DAMAGE CLAIM: Insurance denied the claim. After Lean Law, P.A. stepped in, we were able to recover $28,500.00.

Orange County:

    • HAIL CLAIM: Insurance made a low ball offer of $19,567.96. Our team took the insurance company to task and recovered over $45,000.00.

    • DAMAGED DECK CLAIM CONDO: The damaged deck caused water intrusion to a neighboring unit. Rather than protect their insured, the insurance carrier denied the claim. After involving Lean Law, P.A. and our experienced team, we recovered $5,000.00.

St. Lucie County:

    • ROOF and INTERIOR CLAIM: The insurance company denied the claim. Even after the insured paid out of pocket to make the necessary repairs (drastically reducing the company's potential liability for its improper handling of the claim), the insurance company continued to deny the damages were covered. Lean Law, P.A. refused to allow this to happen and recovered $30,000.00.

Volusia County:

    • ROOF and INTERIOR CLAIM: The insurance company, after a tornado damaged the home, low balled the claim and offered $24,995.02. After Lean Law, P.A. stepped in, the recovery on the claim was over $64,000.00

If you have a denied or underpaid claim call, text, or email Lean Law. P.A. today. We're here to help. Remember to lean on Lean Law, P.A.

***Recoveries not typical. Each case is unique and individual recoveries may vary***