“QUEST” is an acronym for Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents. Leander ISD’s QUEST Program is designed to meet the needs of identified gifted students who have demonstrated above-average ability in the following two areas of giftedness as defined by the Texas State Plan for the Gifted: 1) high general-intellectual ability at the 95th percentile; and, 2) creative and productive thinking. QUEST is available to LISD students in the elementary through high school grades.

The QUEST program is developmental in scope, with the curriculum addressing core content areas through projects and units that cross multiple subject areas. QUEST students have the opportunity to investigate topics of interest to them in greater depth and complexity. Students expand their abilities to apply critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and research skills through individual and group projects, studies and problem-solving units.

Middle School

In grades 6 – 8, QUEST students participate in a daily Pre-AP QUEST Studies. The QUEST curriculum is designed to provide challenging learning opportunities for identified QUEST students. QUEST students receive advanced instruction in an interdisciplinary gifted curriculum, utilizing Pre-AP teaching strategies.

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When are students identified for the QUEST program?

QUEST testing is ONLY done during the below testing windows. (Students in grades K-12 may be nominated at any time by teachers,counselors, administrators, parents, self, or peers. The person nominating a student should complete a referral form and return it to the campus QUEST teacher, who will add names for next testing window.) Forms may be requested from the campus QUEST teacher or on the link below for the QUEST General Information Packet: Click here

QUEST testing is only done during the below times. The only exceptions are transfer GT students who provide documentation of participation in previous GT programs.

• Grades 1-5 elementary students new to LISD are screened at the beginning of school in August or the end of school in May.

• Kindergarten students are screened in January.

• Summer testing dates are offered for secondary students in grades 6-12.

PLEASE NOTE Summer 2018 Secondary (for grades 6-12 ONLY) QUEST Testing Dates:

June 20 at Henry Middle School Library

July 10 at Canyon Ridge Middle School Library

July 19 at Canyon Ridge Middle School Library

July 26 at Stiles Middle School Library

Email to register. Students must be enrolled in an LISD school.

**Students may not be retested more than once in a two-year period.

Who does the screening and testing?

The QUEST resource teachers at each campus administer the screening measures. The measures are evaluated and scored by the QUEST Identification and Placement Committee. This committee is made up of all the district K-12 QUEST teachers plus the district coordinator. All have at least 30 hours of training in gifted education plus additional hours of training in testing and identification of gifted students. Placement decisions are made by this committee.

Where can I find more information about the screening process?

Please go to the informative website below for more information about the QUEST G/T program. There, you can also download the General Information Packet for the screening referral forms. Click here

You can also get more information from your campus QUEST teacher or by emailing the QUEST Program Director,