Credit By Exam

Credit by Exam

Exam for Acceleration Details

Each year, LISD offers students an opportunity to take an Exam for Acceleration at no cost to the student. Students and parents can complete application for the exam through their current counselor. Students who are in 5th grade must complete applications through their elementary school.

Since LISD does not receive reimbursement for tests taken, students are expected to complete each exam they have registered for and be available during the testing window they have selected.

LISD will only pay for one attempt for an EA. If students are not successful on a first attempt and parents desire a re-test, the cost for the second attempt is covered by the family.

What if my student cannot take the exam during the district's summer testing windows?

Another testing option for students is to take the Exam for Acceleration outside of the district's testing windows. This option is only available to students over the summer months when school is not in session. Parents will need to meet with their current counselor (5th grade students will meet with their elementary school counselor) to receive the University of Texas at Austin UT High School Exam for Acceleration order form. If counselors are on summer break, Kathy Wood and/or Sarah Hyde can support at the district offices.

In this option, parents are responsible for paying for the exam and test administration. The cost of the exam is currently $50 per exam and $30 proctoring fee paid at the time of testing. Stiles Middle School does not proctor exams during the summer.

What is the passing score for the Credit by Exam?

Students must receive a 80% or higher in order to receive credit for the course and accelerate.

What if my child passes the exam but I do not want him/her to accelerate? Can I just have my child take the exam to see how he/she does?

No. A student who passes an Exam for Acceleration must accelerate. If a student struggles with the level of acceleration during the school year, the student and teacher will place the student on a growth plan and set individual goals for the student as well as interventions. After a period of monitoring and intervention occurs that results in the collection of data, a decision can be made via the teacher and our school administration on whether a schedule change is needed. This process typically takes between 8 - 12 weeks to provide substantial intervention and data collection. If a schedule change is necessary, it is important to remember that such a change will likely alter other classes in the student's schedule.

What if my student almost passed? What are my options?

Students who miss the mark may retake the Exam for Acceleration. All second administrations of exams that are not passed must be taken directly through the University of Texas and funded by the family. The cost of the exam is $50 and the fee for proctoring is $30. Your counselor or a district representative may complete the request for students wishing to take the exam for a second administration.

Do you provide study materials for this exam?

The school does not provide students with study materials for the exam. Students who sit for the exam are to show that they already possess the knowledge and skills to display mastery on the advanced skills/learning objectives. The focus and approach isn't for students to study the content of the objectives, but to show what they already know. If students would like to review concepts or get a taste of the advanced rigor, students may choose to look at released STAAR tests online as well as the online study guides provided by The University of Texas located here CLICK HERE.

Where can I find information about the length of the exam and number of questions?

Information about each exam is specific to the exam being taken. The study guide for each exam (link provided above) contains information about the specific exam being requested at the end of the study guide.

Can you administer the exam at WMS?

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Exam for Acceleration process over the summer so they can start the school year with the proper class placements and to avoid any loss of instructional time. During these summer months, WMS does not administer exams on campus. Exams requested within the district's summer testing windows are administered by LISD in one location for the entire district.

During the non summer district testing windows, Exams for Acceleration are administered on campuses.

Where can I obtain testing forms?

Exam for Acceleration forms can be requested through student's current counselor. 5th grade students testing over the summer will still request forms and information through their elementary school counselors.

Can a student earn High School credit through completing an exam for acceleration?

Students interested in testing out of a High School credit course, must take an exam for each semester of the course. As of March 8th, 2018, an Exam for Acceleration is available for courses with End of Course Exams. This includes Algebra I. Should your student take and pass both EAs for Algebra Ia and Algebra Ib and earn credit, he/she will not have to take the EOC exam for that course as the EA itself meets the requirement. If your student is interested in earning credit for a high school course, by taking exams within the district's testing window, both semester exams will be ordered through LISD at the time of application.

Additionally, it is important to discuss this option with your counselor as acceleration in certain high school courses is not recommended.

What is the definition of "prior instruction" so that students in grades 6-12 would be taking CBE for Recovery instead of for Acceleration?

Students who are taking the CBE for acceleration must receive a 80% or better on the exam. Students who want to take the CBE for course recovery must receive a 70% or better on the exam. These students must have had "prior instruction" in the course in order to be held to the 70% standard. A student in grades 6-12 must have completed one semester of the course to qualify under the prior instruction standard. Parents must provide documentation/evidence of the prior instruction to be eligible. Approved on-line course may also be used. But, the district must give prior approval for the on-line course before students take it.

2018-19 Exam for Acceleration Testing Schedule

Qualifying students are accelerated into the next subject level in August 2019 for

the 2019-20 school year.

The State of Texas requires that districts provide an EA testing window in each of these four


• July 1 -- September 30 (July testing)

• October 1 -- December 31

• January 1 -- March 31

• April 1 -- June 30 (June testing)

Leander ISD meets the above requirements by providing the following EA schedule:

Grades 1-5

• December 3-5, 2018 on elementary campuses ( registration deadline Monday, Nov. 5)

• March 4-6, 2019 - on elementary campuses (registration deadline Monday, Feb. 11)

• June 12-13, 2019 (location tbd) (registration deadline Wednesday, May 15th)

• July 17-18, 2019 (location tbd) (registration deadline Wednesday, May 15th)

Grades 6-8

• December 3-5, 2018 on middle school campuses (registration deadline Monday, Nov. 5)

• March 4-6, 2019 - on middle school campuses (registration deadline Monday, Feb. 11)

• June 12-13, 2019 (location tbd) (registration deadline Wednesday, May 15th)

• July 17-18, 2019 (location tbd) (registration deadline Wednesday, May 15th)

Grades 9-12

• December 3-5, 2018 - on high school campuses ( registration deadline Monday, Nov. 5)

• March 4-6, 2019 on high school campuses (registration deadline Monday, Feb. 11)

• June 12-13, 2019 (location tbd) (registration deadline Wednesday, May 15th)

• July 17-18, 2019 (location tbd) (registration deadline Wednesday, May 15th)

Registration is done online through Eduphoria Formspace . For more information about

registration, please contact the Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant, Laura Union,


Have questions or need help with the EA Process? Please contact:

• Tamara Porras, 512-570-0313,

• Kathy Wood, 512-570-0211,

Please note: Due to tech issues ALL exams will be paper based.