New Attendance Procedures

New Attendance Procedures for 2019-2020

  • Please note that some of these are actually new, and some of these may just be new to you!
  • Absence Notes: Documentation concerning absences must be received within 2 school days after the student returns from being absent. If documentation is received 3+ school days after the absence occurred, it will not be accepted and the absence will remain as Unverified-Unexcused which could affect qualifying for final exam exemptions. The reason behind this is due to reports that must be run for TEA.
  • Early Dismissal: Written parent notes for early dismissals must be received by 10:30AM. The Attendance Office will be unable to accept any written parent notes for early dismissals after 10:30AM. If the situation does not allow for prior notice and the parent wishes to pick up a student early, the parent/guardian will have to email or come to the office to request the student's dismissal. If it is after 10:30AM,
  • Early Dismissal: Due to the high volume of requests, unless a written note/email was received prior to 10:30AM for an early dismissal, walk-in requests and emails from parents/guardians should arrive at least 20 minutes BEFORE the student needs to be released so that there is adequate time to deliver an early dismissal pass.
  • Early Dismissal: VRHS is unable to accommodate walk-in requests after 3:30PM due to limited student aide availability to run passes.
  • Our desire is to serve all of our families with excellence ~ following the above guidelines will assist us in reaching our goal!