College Readiness Assessments

Register for the SAT at and the ACT

VRHS CEEB Code ~ 441176

You will use this when registering for the SAT & ACT.

College Admission Testing- What's your Plan?

ACT, SAT, PSAT, TSI, not to mention, EOC...there are several tests that students take in high school to prepare and assess them for college readiness.


We recommend students take both the ACT and SAT during their Junior year so they can compare scores and see which test is a best fit for them. We encourage students to choose the test on which they scored higher and felt confident, then do some test prep, and retake that exam. For a comparison of ACT and SAT scores check here.

Test Prep

Leander ISD partners with More Than A Teacher, a test prep company that offers preparation courses on our campus. There are many test prep agencies, books, websites, and apps out there that also maybe a best fit for your student!