Student Parking Regulations

Driving and parking a vehicle on campus is a privilege afforded to students. With this privilege comes the responsibility to abide by certain rules and regulations. At the discretion of the Administration team, students may lose the privilege to drive and park on all school property if the rules and regulations are not observed.

2018 Parking Tag Timeline & Information:

Friday, 8/17/18, Parking Update: The window for on-line parking permit purchases for upperclassman (11th/12th) closed today at 4pm. At this time, we are sold out of all available parking spots, and we will not be able to open the window for sophomore sales as planned. We understand the important rite-of-passage it is to get to drive a car to campus, and we regret that we do not currently have the space to accommodate our younger drivers. Student who choose to drive without a permit may still park on the street in the appropriate, designate spots. We will provide additional information if the situation changes, or if additional spaces become available.

You must purchase the tag online AND complete the online application BEFORE you can pick up your parking tag!

Students must have all obligations (parking fines, textbooks, etc) cleared when they come to pick up the parking tag in the AP office. Students are encouraged to buy their parking tags early because we do sell out each year.

Parking Regulations:

  • Administrators can revoke student driving privileges at anytime.
  • All cars and motorcycles driven to school by students must be registered and parked in the designated student parking areas. A parking tag will be issued to all registered students. The parking tag must be displayed in the front windshield, visible by administration.
            • Students, who park on school property without a permit, or those who park in an area not designated for student use, may be subject to disciplinary action. Repeat offenders may have their permit revoked or their vehicle towed at the owner's expense.
            • A fee will be charged for a replacement parking tag if the tag is lost due to disciplinary action. Students are prohibited from loitering in the parking lot. Students must have permission from the Assistant Principal's Office to enter the parking lot during school hours.
  • The speed limit on school property is 15 m.p.h. Students who speed or drive recklessly on school grounds can have their parking privileges revoked.
  • If students are not parked in designated parking areas or do not have a parking pass, or parking pass is not visible than students may receive a parking ticket. Students are REQUIRED to pay their tickets within 10 school days. It is a student's responsibility to report any parking tickets to parents. (see below for parking ticket procedures).
  • Students will not be issued a parking pass with temporary plates. Students can order a parking pass and will be issued a temporary pass until the student can provide the permanent plates.
  • Use or access of student vehicles is prohibited until the end of the school day unless permission is received through the Assistant Principal's Office.
  • Students may lose parking privileges if they leave campus during the day without permission. Disciplinary action through the Assistant Principal office is enforced for students who leave campus during the school day, without approval from the AP office or attendance.
  • Students shall not place, keep or maintain any article or material that is forbidden by district policy in a vehicle parked on school property. Vehicles parked on school property may be searched by school officials if there is reasonable suspicion to believe the vehicle contains articles or materials prohibited by district policy.
  • Driving/parking violations will result in loss of driving privileges, fines, or other disciplinary consequences.

parking ticket Rules & procedures

We have limited parking available on campus. Students that have been awarded a parking pass have been given the privilege to park on campus. It is expected that all students follow the parking rules and procedures in order to continue to safely park on our campus.

1. Failure to pay fines within 10 days can result in detention, Saturday School, and/or loss of parking privileges on campus.

2. Payment must be made through the Assistant Principal's office.

3. Students without parking passes and park on campus will result in the following actions:

        • 1st ticket: warning/$5 fine
        • 2nd ticket: student's car will receive a boot with a $20 fine to remove the boot
        • 3rd ticket: student's car will be towed at owner's expense (see towing information below)

4. Students with a parking pass who receive tickets will result in the following actions:

        • 1 - 4 tickets: student will receive a parking ticket/fine and can be assigned disciplinary action by the Assistant Principal's office.
        • 5+ tickets: On the 5th ticket the student's car will receive a boot with a $20 fine to remove boot plus the cost of tickets. To remove boot, student will have a meeting with Alpha AP, contact parents and sign a contract. If tickets are not paid by deadline, then student's car will be towed at owner's expense.
        • 6+ tickets: students car will be towed at owner's expense (see towing information below)

Towing Information



12400 Anderson Mill Rd

Austin, TX 78726


OPEN 24 hours

FEE for TOWING - $150

· Must be picked up before 8pm on day of towing.

· If not picked up before 8pm cost increases $21.65/day.


· Proof of Ownership of vehicle (Insurance card will have this on it).

· Copy of Vehicle Insurance.

· Valid state issued ID or driver’s license.

· Payment.