New Student Information

Welcome to Vandegrift High School!

We know that moving to a new school can be a huge transition for students. Below you will find many different aspects that students at Vandegrift navigate every day. As always, please reach out to your students' alpha counselor with any questions or concerns you may have.

Campus Schedule

Classes start at 8:40 a.m. and dismiss at 3:52 p.m. VHS operates on a true “block” schedule. On “A” days, students will attend periods 1 – 4. On “B” days, students will attend periods 5 – 8. Here is the Bell Schedule

VHS Bell Schedule 2017-2018.pdf

New Student Orientation (August 8th)

New to Leander ISD student/parent Orientation will be held in August 8th from 4:30pm - 6pm. Parents will be in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) in VHS Building 2 to hear from the counselors about graduation plans, scheduling, VHS culture, and more. Students will be in the VHS Lecture hall with our PALS and VHS Ambassadors to learn about all things Vandegrift as well as begin getting connected to some familiar faces. More Information to come!

As always, please contact your student's counselor with any questions.

Scheduling Information

When you meet with your counselor at your registration appointment, you will discuss course selections based on your academic history, current grade level placement, graduation requirements, and elective options. After you have met with your counselor, you will receive your schedule through the mail (if you register in June) or via email. If you need to make any changes, you may do so before August 6th, which is the final deadline to change your course requests.

Please email your counselor for questions concerning your schedule.

Summer Reading and Learning: Required Assignments

Summer assignments can be found HERE.

VHS Ambassador Program

Navigating a new school can be very overwhelming. The VHS Ambassadors are junior and senior students who were selected to assist our new students in getting connected to the VHS community. The VHS Ambassadors will host events to connect new students to programs, events, and culture here at Vandegrift. For students entering during the school year, a VHS Ambassador will assist a new student with navigating their new class schedule, getting their books and supplies, and understanding the ins and outs of VHS.

mLISD technology

At VHS, all students will be required to use some form of technology in their classes. They can choose to participate in the mLISD program in which they will receive the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops or they may bring their own device to use in the classroom.

Information on the mLISD program

mLISD Sign Up& Pay: to rent the Lenovo labtop for use in the classroom

PIT- Personalized Instruction Time

This is a 37 minute class period in the middle of the day (after 2nd/6th periods) in which students can personalize their learning by signing up for tutorials with teachers, approved study groups, or club meetings. Students can also use this time to work on homework, read a book, or just take a break in the day. Students will begin in their home PIT which is listed on their schedule. The PIT portal, which is used for students to sign up for various opportunities, is explained here.

TxConnect Information

The web portal txConnect allows parents and students to view grades,assignments(grades 2-12),STAAR (and TAKS) results,immunizations,attendance and discipline information(grades EE-12) online. Information on setting up an account.

Please contact to get your portal ID after registration.


Naviance Family Connection is comprehensive website that Leander ISD high school students can use to help them explore college and career options. Please contact your student's counselor to gain an access code.

Transcribing Incoming Credits

Grades and credits are transcribed from the supporting transcripts and/or other documentation we receive from a student's previous school(s). We award credits and assign weight based on the supporting documents and the alignment with the curriculum that we provide in Leander ISD. If you would like more information about LISD’s local policy regarding transfer of credits, please visit the LISD policy website.

Bus Routes

There is no fee for transportation. Transportation website.


Academic lockers can be requested starting the third week of school. Academic lockers have combination locks built into the locker. If your student is in Personal Fitness (P.E.), you will need to purchase a combination lock for his/her gym locker.

Dress Code

Students are required to dress appropriately for school. While uniforms are not required, student clothing should be respectful. Students dressed inappropriately for school (e.g. revealing clothing, visible underwear, profane or disrespectful logos/wording on t-shirts) will be in violation of dress code and will be asked to change their attire. For more specific dress code information, please see the on-line student handbook.

PE Fitness Dress Attire

Black gym shorts with an elastic band, white t-shirt, gym floor appropriate shoes (rubber-soled bottoms), combination lock. No key locks please.