Course Selection: Incoming 9th Grade Students

Welcome Class of 2023

Information for Incoming VHS Freshman will be sent on January 14th

High School...already? You've got to be kidding!

Over the next few months, information about high school will be received and many decisions will need to be made. No need to panic. As you enter into another new chapter in life, there are many helpful resources available to you.

  1. As you navigate through the Vandegrift High School (VHS) Counseling Office website, you will see that it is an excellent resource providing information about the course catalog, course selections, graduation requirements and advanced programs.
  2. The VHS counselors will address any questions or concerns you may have. Please know we are currently working with over twenty-five hundred VHS students. Please be patient with us; it may take a few days to return your call or email.

This is an exciting time for both parents and students as they prepare for the Vandegrift Signature Experience. Take a moment to check out the top ten things that can be done to make a smooth transition from middle to high school.

SAVE THE DATE: January 28th, 5:30 p.m

Navigating High School and Beyond Night

Information will be presented on the following:

VHS 9th Grade Interactive Choice Sheet 2019-2020.pdf

Student Course Selection Timeline and Procedures

Course Suggestion Information Distributed: week of January 14

To help guide students and parents in determining placement in on level or Pre-AP/AP courses, LISD has provided parents and students with data-based suggestions for the core classes: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and, if applicable, Spanish. Using multiple data points, students will be placed in either the on level or Pre-AP course for their ninth grade year. More information about 9th Grade Course Suggestions

Your child is NOT required to take the courses that have been suggested. The expectation is that families discuss placement and, if necessary, make appropriate changes. This is fully understood and accepted. Consider the following when making the final decision for your child’s course selections are:

  1. What are his/her future plans?
  2. What are your child’s academic talents and strengths?
  3. What are your child’s study skills and work habits?
  4. What are your family and extra-curricular commitments outside of the school day?

Middle School Presentations: January 15 &16

VHS counselors visited each campus to present to 8th grade students and explain the transition to VHS. Students were asked to complete the 9th grade course choice sheet.

Middle School Course Selection Meetings: January 23-25

VHS counselors were at the middle schools to review and collect course selections.

Course Verification Distributed: April

Information about Quest English 1

What does Quest English 1 look like at VHS?

Quest Lab Information

For further questions, please contact Kathy Wood, LISD Director of Quest Services

High School PreAPEngQ.pdf