Exam For Acceleration

Examination for Acceleration allows students, who without direct instruction have already mastered all content and skills in a particular grade level or course, to advance to the next level or course. These exams are available at no cost to eligible students who test during the district’s testing periods.

Students are expected to complete each exam they have registered for, therefore we ask you to be available during the testing window you have selected.Note: The District does not receive reimbursement for tests not taken.


  1. The deadline to order exams for either window is May 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm.
  2. The summer testing window is June 13-14 at Camacho or July 18-19 at LEO.
  3. Parents are emailed approximately two weeks prior to testing with exact times to bring their students to testing.
  4. The District provides calculators or students may bring approved calculators from home. For calculator questions, please see attached calculator policy.
  5. If the exam allows, we will be online grading completed exams allowing final scores to be emailed to parents within three days.
  6. All exams are paper based. Study guides are available online at: Study Guides.
  7. A score of 80% or higher must be achieved on each exam for advancement or credit to be awarded. Advancement is mandatory if a passing score is achieved. Any needed placement changes will be made for the 18-19 school year.
  8. If a passing score is not achieved, a second attempt is allowed. Exams may be requested, at the parents expense, by emailing sarah.hyde@leanderisd.org or kathy.wood@leanderisd.org.
  9. The only foreign language exam(s) we will be offering are Vietnamese 1 & 2.

For all of the Examinations for Acceleration, the district uses tests developed by the University of Texas at Austin UT High School. For Grades 1-12, UT provides review sheets in a free online printable format, available even before students are enrolled. Information can be found online at https://highschool.utexas.edu/credit_by_exam.php

For more information regarding exams for acceleration, visit the Leander ISD webpage.

Exam for Acceleration for Native Language Speakers

Students who are proficient in a language other than English may take the ACFTL exam to earn credit. The ACTFL exam is given once each semester (in August and April). For more information, please visit the LISD ACTFL Exam Website.

Next ACTFL Exam is Friday, April 27, 2018.

To sign up to take the exam, please contact your counselor.