Dual Credit

Calendar & Resources

Important Dates

Summer 2019

    • Returning Student Open Registration: April 1 - May 27
    • New Student Open Registration: April 15 - May 27

Fall 2019

    • Returning Student Open Registration: May 13 - Aug 25
    • New Student Open Registration: May 28 - Aug 25

Spring 2020

    • Returning Student Open Registration: Oct 14 - Jan 20
    • New Student Open Registration: Oct 28 - Jan 20

Registration Dates/Deadlines:

ACC's registration dates & deadlines

Course Dates/Deadlines:

ACC also offers 12-week and 8-week courses in the Fall/Spring semesters as well as 9-week and 6-week courses in the Summer. CLICK HERE for registration deadlines, add/drop window, etc.

Dual Credit Calendar

Reference this calendar for deadlines, semester time frames, registration and withdrawal dates, along with calendar conflicts and other important information.

Course offerings

Online Registration Instructions

Once you've met with an ACC Advisor who has processed your Dual Credit Tuition Voucher, you're ready to register! ACC uses Self-Service: Student Planning for course registration. Use the documents or video below to help you navigate this system:

Textbooks: What do you need?

So how exactly do you know which textbook is needed for your ACC dual-credit course? You have a couple of options, outlined here on ACC's website.

Textbooks: buying, renting, or scholarships

Here are a few recommended options for obtaining your textbooks:

TEXTBOOK SCHOLARSHIP: If you have financial need, please see Mrs. Spradling for books available to be checked out for free or information on how to receive a scholarship to help pay for your textbook. Both the Leander Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) and Viper Nation Educational Foundation (VNEF) have generously set aside funds to support dual-credit students and have allowed us to start a small collection of books to lend to students. Scholarship Application

which courses will transfer?

ACC provides helpful information about courses that will transfer va their University Transfer & Equivalency Guide.

If the university you plan to attend cannot be found from the TCCNS searchable matrix or the university's website, it is best to contact their registrar's office to determine what will transfer (and what won't).

Where can I verifY my course schedule or ACC grades?

On the ACC website, students can log in to Self-Service to view course registration, professor information, meeting time, etc. To view official grades, students must login to Online Services and access the Student Menu of services. Here, students can find their unofficial transcript, as well as order transcripts to be sent to colleges and universities.

How can I find out more about a professor before registering?

First, if there is a link provided on the ACC schedule listing, click on that to see what kind of information might be posted on their website and syllabus. Otherwise, you can also try Rate My Professor to get some insight from previous students' ratings of the professor.

How can I prepare for the US History STAAR Exam?

If you are taking US History through ACC, you are still expected to take and pass the US History STAAR exam as a graduation requirement. The test is offered three times a year: December, May, and July. For specific dates, contact Mrs. Spradling or reference the above calendar.

To prepare for the exam, we encourage students to reference this US History facts book that summarizes important information to know. If you'd like a hard-copy of this book, please see Mrs. Spradling.