ACC for VHS Graduates

Enrolling at ACC after High School

Below are steps for enrollment and helpful resources for any graduating seniors or alumni planning to take courses at Austin Community College. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me ( or contact the ACC College Destination Center (512-223-7747).

Application & Enrollment Steps

The college application and enrollment process can be daunting. The admission process starts with watching the First Steps video, which will help students garner an understanding of what ACC has to offer and how to enroll.

Which Courses? Will They Transfer?

Although these are some useful tools that may assist you in finding courses to start with or to transfer, I always encourage you to meet with your Academic Advisor at ACC or the college you are primarily attending to get their expert perspective.

  • Texas Core Curriculum - this list outlines the basic core curriculum requirements of Texas public institutions.
  • TCCNS - the Texas Common Course Numbering System allows you to compare institutions to determine the equivalency at ACC.
  • - this site may help you find equivalencies at ACC if you're attending an out-of-state school.

How to Find Classes

You'll want to access the online listing of ACC's Course Schedule to determine which courses are offered, when, where, and how. The video below will walk you through how to read the online schedule, although you're no longer eligible to take courses restricted to LISD students.

Prepare for Classes