Team 6M

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Lori Young Team Lead, Language Arts & Pre AP Language Arts

Valerie Hagee Math & PACE Math

Chad Helmlinger Science

Carolyn Thomason Social Studies

Helpful Tips to Help your 6th Grader be successful!

1. Attend school every day. If your child is absent, make up all missing work in a timely manner.

2. Complete assigned homework and turn it in. If they are not using the time they are given in class to complete work, they may have homework.

3. Check Google Classroom and Google Calendar for assignments and tests. You can download the app on your phone and have your child sign in to their account. The team calendars are linked in this website.

4. Attend a tutorial or sign up for a FLEX workshop to get extra help. Students sign up for FLEX workshops every Friday with their 7th period teacher, but you can ask them to show you what they signed up for in FLEX. They can edit their response if you want them to attend a particular Flex workshop!

5. Students should ask for help when needed or when they are confused about the instructions or expectations. They can do this in person or by emailing their teacher directly. Teacher's email address are linked above.

6. Students are given a free planner at school, have them write in it every day and check it when they get home from school.

7. Keep an organized binder or homework folder and check it often.

8. Sign up for grade alerts thorough TXConnect. You can contact Kari Swartz to get signed up.

9. Please have your child email or speak to their teacher if they are missing something or need to schedule a make-up of missed work or tests. We want them to be more independent and learn to take care of their responsibilities on their own!

10. Partner with your child's teacher in encouraging them to do all they can to be successful!